Taylor Swift was totally unfazed by a mid-concert malfunction

Taylor Swift was totally unfazed by a mid-concert malfunction

Taylor Swift fans have lovingly dubbed her current gig the Errors Tour not because so many things go wrong so often — they don’t — but because of how fun it is when they do. Remember when Swift ate a bug? My favourite was the time she ate a bug.

Now there’s been another moment of diverted disaster. In Stockholm the superstar briefly paused her acoustic “surprise song” set to seemingly ranch fix her mic pack, or else adjust her dress. It’s not entirely clear from the fan footage what the issue is. Swift tells the audience, “Talk amongst yourselves,” before sitting down at her piano and opening her blue wrap dress to deal with…something…possibly a mic pack clipped to the sparkly two-piece set she’s wearing underneath.

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Fans may note that this is a slightly different wrap dress from the one she wore during the first legs of the Eras Tour, likely due to the fact that it’s going over a different costume — previously the acoustic set came after 1989, so she’d throw it on over a matching beaded top and skirt. Now it follows The Tortured Poets Department, during which she strips down to the glittery bra and bottoms. (Here are all the changes.) Which is maybe part of why the 1989 outfit changed, too? It no longer has to fit under a dress? Much to consider.

The fact that Taylor Swift is so unfazed, even laughing, shows what a true professional she is. She sings on “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” from TTPD about performing happily for crowds even as she deals with tumult in her personal life, taking pride in the fact that she doesn’t let anything get in the way of putting on a great show. She’s performed with a broken heart, a broken shoe, a hurt hand, while sick, in a heat wave….

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