Jennifer Lopez wore a crop top for her solo Atlas premiere appearance

Jennifer Lopez wore a crop top for her solo Atlas premiere appearance

It’s not like this is the first time Jennifer Lopez has walked a red carpet sans partner, but amidst the Ben Affleck divorce rumours, her solo appearance at the Atlas movie premiere on May 20 raised a few more eyebrows than usual. And so did her comments about how she relates to the character she plays in the film.

Solo or not, Jennifer Lopez looked goddess-like, as usual, in a two-piece ensemble of a strapless white crop top and a black mermaid skirt. She accessorised the glam look with statement jewellery, including a diamond and green-gemstone choker necklace and matching earrings, which she showed off by wearing her hair in a slicked-back bun.


“[My character and I] are so different because she’s like…doesn’t wear any of her emotions. She’s so closed off, and I am too much emotion sometimes,” Jennifer Lopez told People in a red-carpet interview. “But at the same time we are both very strong and sure of what they feel. At times. She was very sure. She was like, ‘This is what’s happening, please listen to me. Please tell me.’ And felt very misunderstood at times. I can also relate to that a bit.”

She continued, “I’m very sure of what I want and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m very doubtful of myself, but I follow my instincts more than anything and I find that when I go against that, is when I go wrong.”

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR (US).

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