Megan Thee Stallion’s silver sparkle mani is going on my summer mood board

Megan Thee Stallion’s silver sparkle mani is going on my summer mood board

If you’re at a loss for summer nail inspo, Megan Thee Stallion has got you more than covered.

After kicking off her Hot Girl Summer tour with a sold-out arena concert in Detroit (NBD), Megan kindly fed her followers’ inner FOMO, sharing a handful of behind-the-scenes snapshots and videos to Instagram.

But while scrolling through and wishing I had tickets to her next show, something else caught my eye: the glitz and glamour reflecting off the rapper’s showstopping sparkling chrome nails, which sparked my FOMO in a whole new way. Now I guess I need tickets to her latest concert and some new nail polish while I’m at it.

Long, gorgeous, and glimmering, Stallion’s Hot Girl mani, which is essentially a new-and-improved take on mermaid chrome nails, is the perfect blend of several summer trends – and mark my words, is so about to start a whole new one.

Combining the aquatic and iridescent accents of seashell nails, shimmering finish of fairy aura nails, cool colour palette of stone nails, and futuristic vibe of galactic and celestial Y2K glam,

Stallion’s silver sparkling chrome mani embodies the best of all beauty worlds. It’s also possible proof that mermaids and aliens count as “hot girls” too.

That’s how I’m choosing to interpret it, anyway…

As for why Stallion’s mani is so different than the others I named?

While most mermaid-inspired manicures opt for light shades and pastels, the Body rapper’s style leans more into silver and grey. It’s much like how Dua Lipa rocked a much moodier version of aura nails than the bright ones we typically see. Stallion’s were also filed into a sharp stiletto nail shape, which feels on brand for the Hot Girl queen herself.

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