How This French Beauty Brand Is Revolutionizing the Skincare World With Biotech

How This French Beauty Brand Is Revolutionizing the Skincare World With Biotech

Introducing Orveda and their formulas that work with your skin, not against it.

When we were dreaming up the brand, [entrepreneur] Nicolas Vu and I wrote a sentence on a piece of paper; it said, ‘Works with your skin, not against it,’” explains Sue Nabi, CEO of Coty Inc. and co-founder of Orveda. This became the foundation of the brand.” In 2014, Vu and Nabi founded the green biotech company with the goal of reinventing what it means to be a high-end skincare brand. Orveda delivers highly concentrated formulations of actives that work with skin because the brand is rooted in the world of science.”

Orvedas mission is to deliver incredible skin health solutions and formulations without the typical downsides of efficacious skincare, such as irritation, skin sensitivity and redness. Rather than focusing on aggressive treatments and over-use of harsh procedures (which causes the skin to become highly sensitized over time, a phenomenon doctors call over-processed skin”), Orveda considers the long-term health of skin and focuses on maintaining the integrity of the skins barrier, which is integral to skins overall health and function. To do this, Orveda harnesses the power of French biotech. 

Over the last 30 years, the brands visionary founders, Nabi and Vu, have worked with the worlds leading scientists and medical experts. It was through these experts that they developed a deep understanding of active ingredients and the latest skincare technologies. They also began to see the limitations of traditional skincare. Enter: Orveda. Using biotechnology—a blending of natural ingredients and lab technology used to develop high-performance ingredients—Orveda products target specific skin needs effectively while maintaining the health and integrity of the skin.

As part of its mission to visibly extend the youthfulness of the skin, the clean, vegan and sustainable brand has launched the latest addition to its lineup: the Omnipotent Concentrate. The serum is the brands most potent formulation, addressing the visible signs of skin aging and targeting signs of senescence (the state where skin cells stop performing major functions, and a major driver of skin aging). Orvedas Omnipotent Concentrate targets past damage caused by external stressors (such as sun damage, for instance) and aging, and simultaneously addresses present concerns by improving skins radiance and smoothness. It also helps to strengthen and create a more resilient barrier, ensuring a healthier and better-protected complexion in the future. 

Continue reading to learn more about Orvedas new Omnipotent Concentrate, and more of the groundbreaking formulations that make up the brand, all developed with cutting-edge science by leading global skincare experts. 

Orveda Omnipotent Concentrate

The latest addition to the Orveda lineup, the Omnipotent Concentrate is an ultra-potent serum that is made with 16 actives, concentrated at an impressive 24 per cent. Formulated with Orvedas unique signature complex (biofermented marine enzymes, bio-tech prebiotic and biofermented kombucha), as well as biomimetic tripeptide to firm skin texture and biofermented adenosine to delay future signs of aging—just to name a few—Nabi describes the Omnipotent Concentrate as perhaps the most potent serum of all time.”

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Orveda The Bio-Tech Emulsion

The Bio-Tech Emulsion is loaded with prebiotics and delivers intense skin hydration with none of the heaviness typically associated with deeply moisturizing creams. It locks in moisture and slows down any natural loss of hydration throughout the day, and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration.

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Orveda The Vital Sap

The cult-favourite essence toner is the ideal first post-cleansing step of your skincare regimen. The do-it-all Vital Sap is not only brightening, clarifying and illuminating but its formulated to ensure that each following step of your routine can work at optimum levels.

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Orveda Overnight Reviving Mask

The nighttime hero, Orvedas Overnight Reviving Mask, does just what it promises: it revives skin as you sleep, so you wake up with a smoother and refreshed complexion. Deeply hydrating, it smoothens any visible signs of dehydration that occur at night, such as fine lines and dullness. Over time, it increases the skins ability to hold onto its natural moisture.

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Orveda Eye Unveiler

This luxurious, multi-tasking eye cream lifts, tightens and firms the delicate skin around the eyes and hydrates the entire surrounding area (think: under-eyes, brows and even lashes). Formulated with botanical glycerin, two forms of hyaluronic acid and organic oat extract, its designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and minimize puffiness.

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