Courteney Cox has cut her usually long hair into a shaggy bob

Courteney Cox has cut her usually long hair into a shaggy bob

There’s something in the water right now for the Friends alumni. Jennifer Aniston’s bob keeps on bobbing, and now co-star Courteney Cox seems to be embracing the cropped life, too.

As hair cut timelines go, Courteney’s has remained pretty consistent over the years with only a few deviations from her signature raven-black, long hair.

In 1994, when she landed her iconic role as Monica Geller, Courteney’s bixie – the lovechild of a pixie and a bob – was almost as famous as “The Rachel” with its voluminous blow-dried layers and neat waves.

For a long time after that, her hair boomeranged between different iterations of long hair, be it one length or with a few face-framing layers. That is, until she stunned everyone at the Just Before I Go premiere in 2015 with a side-parted lob.

It seemed from 2017 onwards, we could rely on Courteney to rock up on the red carpet with chic long hair, styled in a centre part. So we can be forgiven for doing a double take when we saw the video she posted on Instagram on June 10, captioned “1980s… dancing in the dark,” a tongue-in-cheek response to TikTokers asking their mums how they danced in the ’80s.

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We were almost too distracted by her freshly cropped shaggy bob to notice those, ahem, ’80s moves. When Dancing in the Dark starts playing, Courteney can be seen unzipping her blue hoodie to reveal a Bruce Springsteen T-shirt – the same T-shirt she wore when she appeared in the video for his iconic anthem in 1984.

Her collarbone-skimming hair is side parted, with choppy layers throughout and highly textured ends, that swish from side to side as she busts out the same moves as in the music video. The style is also noticeably shorter than her shoulder-length hair in her Mother’s Day post only four weeks ago.

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