Are Perfect Match stars Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey still together?

Are Perfect Match stars Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey still together?

Perfect Match season two is officially here — and, naturally, we already have some questions.

Of course, Netflix and reality dating shows seem to be a match made in heaven. From Love Is Blind to Too Hot To Handle, the streaming platform certainly knows how to throw a bunch of strangers together and leave us with the perfect conditions for love and drama — and, after all, what more could we ask for from our guilty pleasure dating show?

In season one of Perfect Match, which aired last year, Netflix took things to the next level. Instead of bringing together a group of total strangers, they created a cast made up of reality stars who had already found fame in other reality shows. Naturally, bringing together all of these big personalities created a perfect storm.

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In the show’s second season, it sticks to the same format. One of the couples that has already really hit it off is Harry Jowsey, originally of Too Hot to Handle fame, and Jessica Vestal, who you might remember from season 6 of Love Is Blind (yes, she was the woman behind the infamous “when you see me, you will choke” line).

So, with season 2 of Perfect Match underway, we are curious — did Harry actually find his perfect match in Jessica? And are they still together?

Harry and Jessica’s Perfect Match story

Ok, first, a quick recap. If you’ve been keeping up with this season of Perfect Match, you’ll know that when Harry began his time in the villa, he was initially interested in Elys Hutchinson, who appeared on the most recent season of Too Hot To Handle. However, during the third episode, Harry met newcomer Jessica and quickly decided she was his “match.”

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