We’ve tested the best hair dryers on the market – here are the ones that made the cut

We’ve tested the best hair dryers on the market – here are the ones that made the cut

Meanwhile, Maria Sotiriou, hairstylist and founder of SILKE London, says to consider the weight, heat settings and power: “Something lightweight is very helpful as you’re usually holding it higher than shoulder height. And, as you know, the longer you hold something up in the air, the heavier it becomes. A quiet hairdryer is something I also think is important; being able to hear your phone, the doorbell go, someone calling your name and also less noise generally feels like less stress.”

Both hairstylists note the importance of looking for a travel-friendly and space-saving blow dryer. “Look out for the length of the electrical cord as sockets are not always placed in the most useful places, especially when travelling,” notes Maria.

Don’t forget to look for a cool shot if you want to set your style with a cold blast of air. It’s also worth considering ionic technology, which produces negatively charged ions that break down the positively charged ions in water – this stops water from soaking into your hair shaft and creating frizz. So, if you have an ionic hair dryer, you can dry your hair faster and at a lower temperature.

Finally, comfort is key: “When buying a hairdryer, hold it in your hand and place your fingers on the controls to see if the controls are comfortable to use,” advises Maria.

Behold, the best hair dryers for every budget and preference…

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