If they made ice cream on Mars, it would look like Megan Fox’s new manicure

If they made ice cream on Mars, it would look like Megan Fox’s new manicure

One of the best parts about summer is enjoying a soft serve ice cream cone on a hot day, especially when it’s a swirl blend of two of your favourite flavours. If you’re Megan Fox, however, an old-fashioned ice cream shop simply won’t do! Judging from the star’s new nails, she’d be more inclined to travel past the cosmos to hit up a supernatural ice cream stand.

If they made soft serve strawberry-vanilla cones on Mars, they’d probably look a lot like Fox’s latest set, designed as always by her go-to nail artist Brittney Boyce. Boyce shaped Fox’s nails into long, soft almonds, then applied a gradient bright pink colour to the base with the most concentrated colour right at the centre of each nail and a lighter, pastel pink tone diffused outward. The base is almost like a subtle aura nail; Fox has worn the style in the past in a similar pink colour, so it’s safe to say at least part of her aura is definitely rose-toned.

Atop the pink, Boyce painted exaggerated white shapes and swirls, including oversized starbursts, alternating patterns from one finger to the next. Maybe it’s just my sweet tooth talking, but this set feels like an ice cream treat you’d order on another planet — perfect for Fox, what with her well-known love of astrology and mysticism.

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Boyce and Fox work closely together on her nail designs, often incorporating otherworldly elements like chrome powder; odes to Fox’s zodiac sign, Taurus; futuristic combos of pink and silver; and turquoise jelly nails reminiscent of crystalline tears. Fox has also embraced more ethereal hair colours over the past year, including her soft, light sapphire “blue jeans” bob and a pretty cotton candy pink shade. We never really know what Fox will try next — she’s currently back to dark brown hair, but with cute, flirty new bangs — which is all part of the fun. What will the summer hold for Fox’s glam routine? Only the cosmos can tell.

This feature originally appeared on Allure.

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