Home Beauty 15 best resistance bands to take your workout to the next level, starting from £4.75

15 best resistance bands to take your workout to the next level, starting from £4.75

15 best resistance bands to take your workout to the next level, starting from £4.75


Long loop resistance bands tend to be the thickest and most durable, adds Duncan Leighton “as they are most commonly used for training primary muscle groups across a wide range of motion (think about glute kickbacks for example, with the band looped around your foot and a static body part). The thicker elastic provides appropriate resistance for this large muscle group, as well as resilience to the large range of motion – no one wants a band to break mid exercise! Similar results can be achieved with straight, un-looped bands which you may have seen with handles on either end for comfort.”

“Mini loop resistance bands (or glute bands), on the other hand, are mainly used to target and activate your glutes, hamstrings and quads,” says Shante. “However, you can use these bands for a few various upper body exercises such as overhead press, shoulder abductions, front raises and tricep extensions.”

Consider squatting with a band around both knees, encouraging you to press your knees out slightly into the band in order to engage the gluteus medius muscles which will support the squat and improve hip, knee and ankle position throughout the squat, says Duncan. “The short length of these bands aid in providing resistance across a short range to engage these accessory muscles and add proprioceptive feedback so that eventually you can squat without a band, and find that useful knee position through muscle memory, without extra equipment.”

What is the best way to use resistance bands?

From a physio perspective, most people can benefit from accessory muscle training to improve their form and support heavier loads as they progress their training load, explains Duncan. “Squatting with short loop bands around the knees, or performing front arm raises holding a plate with a light short band around the elbows you can press out into will encourage and develop these muscle groups effectively.

“Remember to be careful and go slowly when your legs are banded. If you have uncomfortable memories of elastic bands pinging up your legs in a group fitness class, revisit band work in this way for a simple and beneficial addition to your workouts.

“For those people who love working out when they are away from home – long loop bands will provide you with resistance to perform numerous movements when a gym isn’t accessible. Find a door and you can whack out some solid tricep pulldowns, standing chest press and any number of exercises – just make sure the band is secure in the door or around the door handle before you begin!”

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What brand of resistance bands are best? Ahead, our top picks.


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