Your Horoscope This Week: November 26 to December 2

Your Horoscope This Week: November 26 to December 2


This first full week of Sagittarius Season will feel supercharged with fiery and dynamic energy, mainly due to the fact that the sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in Sagittarius at the same time. All zodiac signs will feel driven to expand their horizons, but this could also lead to us taking on too many projects at once, making  us feel overstimulated by the abundance of opportunities and activities available. Tap into Jupiter’s current retrograde through Taurus whenever you find yourself needing to ground yourself — slow down, stretch, and do your best to simplify your schedule.

The Gemini Full Moon strikes at 4:16 a.m. EST on Monday the 27th, and its influence will be felt all week long. This penultimate full moon of 2023 helps us clear the air in our connections, including being honest with ourselves about moments when we may have been disingenuous, two-faced, or superficial within our relationships, either to keep the peace or to maintain our social standing. Sag Season, combined with this full moon, encourages us to let go of the facades and face ourselves in the mirror — who do we really want to be as the year comes to an end? This is the time to align ourselves with our values and stand by our principles.

The weekend begins with Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifting into Capricorn for an extended stay (due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde starting on December 13th). This planetary shift will help add more structure and stability to a pretty volatile week.

Read your horoscopes for your sun and rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.


Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, now that it’s Sag Season, your sector of expansion and travel is activated, making you feel like more of a social butterfly. You’ve done the shadow work during Scorpio Season, and this week’s Gemini Full Moon brings out your inner comedian and master communicator. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, particularly when it comes to your friendships, you’ll feel ready to do so at this time.

Once Mercury enters Capricorn on Friday, the focus shifts to your career and reputation. You’re likely to want to surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you to take things to the next level. Take time to brainstorm exactly what that next level looks and feels like for you, and if you notice yourself getting too extreme in your expectations, remind yourself that Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is retrograde in Taurus, activating your sector of money and self-esteem until the end of the year. You’d therefore benefit from focusing on completing pending projects around this time rather than launching new ones.

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, now that so many planets are in Sagittarius, your sector of depth, intimacy, and merging is activated for the next several weeks. This is a great time to focus on building your nest egg, review your saving and spending habits, and create a game plan for how you want to invest your wealth in the coming year. You’ll also notice that more people are interested in collaborating and partnering with you this season — it’s up to you to have discernment and decide who would make an ideal partner, and why.

The energy from this week’s Gemini Full Moon activates your money sector, which could lead to you receiving a significant windfall (or professional opportunity), seemingly out of the blue this week. But since Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is currently retrograde in your sign until the end of the year, chances are whatever you do receive this week has been in the works for several months, but you may have forgotten about it. The key is to practise gratitude for the gifts coming in your life, even if they’re coming in different forms than you expected.

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Happy Full Moon, Gemini! The week starts off with the full moon in your sign reminding you of your power. Mercury, your ruling planet, is currently in your opposite sign of Sagittarius until December 1st, so the way that you experience this full moon has a lot to do with a particular person or group of people who will serve as mirrors, reflecting key truths about yourself to you. Remain curious and self-aware this week, and avoid rushing to conclusions or making judgments about others (but alas, this may be easier read than done).

This week feels like a period of shedding for you, and once Mercury shifts into Capricorn on December 1st you’ll be focused on better understanding your own psychology as well as the psychology of others. You’ll feel less social during Mercury’s transit in Capricorn — instead you may decide to stay in your own cocoon and focus on getting your money up in a long-term way. You may initially surprise people with your more withdrawn nature, and the key is to lovingly and respectfully set your boundaries.

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, this Gemini Full Moon week highlights your desire to better know yourself, spiritually. It may be that you were previously tending to just one part of your nature — the “lighter” part, or the “darker” part. This week’s full moon asks you to integrate both aspects of yourself, and also to realize that nuances exist — you’re not just light or dark, you’re everything in between. Keep a journal by your side this week, as you’ll be receiving several spiritual downloads helping you feel more emotionally in tune with yourself.

Mercury’s shift into Capricorn on Friday shifts the attention to relationship matters. If you’re single but ready to connect intentionally with someone who sees and loves you for who you are, take time to check in with yourself to see if you’re really ready to put in the work to have a healthy, interdependent, and sustainable partnership. That means being aware of your own self-sabotaging tendencies and being willing to do the work to overcome them. Same goes for if you’re partnered — acknowledge moments when you may have fallen into codependent patterns, and prepare to make the necessary adjustments for your relationship to thrive.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, you’re likely to come alive now that it’s Sag Season, as your sector of fate, true love, and creativity is activated. Whatever your inner child has been dreaming of doing, let them do it this week, particularly under the influence of the Full Moon in Gemini that will be felt all week. Your sector of community and social networks is activated by the Gemini Full Moon, allowing you to connect with people who celebrate you for who you are, and who ideally aren’t intimidated by your light, but rather in full celebration of it.

This weekend, Mercury shifts out of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn for an extended stay. This highlights your sector of health, work, and service, and could lead to you taking this aspect of your life more seriously. If you’ve been wanting to strategize a business plan, review your Q4 goals with your team, or launch a new product, aim to do so between now and the first ten days of December so that you can take advantage of this more structured state of mind you find yourself in, prior to Mercury’s retrograde.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, the Gemini Full Moon may lead to a major change in your professional status or career trajectory. This week you’ll feel like you’re at a crossroads of sorts, and must choose between two or more options or paths at work. This feeling is accentuated by your planetary ruler Mercury rounding out its stay in the fiery sign of Sag, which gives you the impression that everything is being blown out of proportion, creating a false sense of urgency. The best way to flow through this week unscathed is to make sure you’re taking plenty of solo time to process what you’re really feeling and what you really want.

Fortunately things start to calm down this weekend when Mercury shifts into your fellow Earth sign of Capricorn for an extended stay. Instead of isolating yourself and feeling like you’re alone, Mercury in Capricorn can help you connect with your elders (or your ancestors if they’ve passed away), and ask them for guidance when decision-making. Remember that you have a strong spiritual support system here to assist you at a moment’s notice, Virgo — you just have to call on them for them to appear.

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, enjoy this last full week of having your planetary ruler Venus traveling through your sign. You’re likely to feel more light-hearted and joyful this week, particularly due to the energy of the Gemini Full Moon stimulating your sector of expansion, long journeys, and philosophy. You’ll be in the mood to talk about diverse and intellectually-stimulating topics with people from all walks of life — just make sure you’re not sticking to surface-level convos but really allowing yourself to “go there.”

As the weekend begins, Mercury shifts out of Sag and enters Capricorn for the rest of the year. This transit will activate your sector of home, the past, and your roots, encouraging you slow your roll as we enter December, and stay close to what makes you feel emotionally and physically grounded. Use this time to clear out clutter from your home, redecorate, or spend more time at home cooking your favorite meals.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, your birthday season has come and gone, and now Sag Season encourages you to take things up a notch and come out of your comfort zone. In what ways can you expand your lifestyle so that you’re getting closer to surpassing your own expectations? This week’s Gemini Full Moon will help you answer this question, and it’s also likely to strengthen your connections with people who want to see you win. At the same time, since Gemini energy represents duality, this lunation will highlight the haters in your life, and it will also make you aware of when you’ve been a bit of a hater. The key is to face your shadows fully so that you can transmute them into light.

This is the first full week that your planetary ruler Mars is in Sagittarius, highlighting a desire for you to feel more financially confident. Mars in Sagittarius can increase your optimism when it comes to making money, but it can also increase your spending habit, making you feel like there’s always going to be more where that came from. While you may be right, you’d benefit from using Mercury’s shift into Capricorn on Friday to actually strategize a plan for attracting that influx of wealth in ways that are sustainable and equitable for all parties involved. If not, you may end up counting your chicken before they hatch, which could lead to disappointment down the line.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sagittarius, now that the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in your sign this week, you’ll notice yourself feeling more magnetic and open-minded, jovial and flirtatious, adventurous and hilarious. But at the same time, the increased attention that you’re receiving during Sag Season could at times feel overwhelming — especially due to the Gemini Full Moon highlighting your partnership sector and leading to unexpected shake-ups in that area of your life — so it’s up to you to set boundaries whenever you feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin.

This weekend, Mercury shifts out of your sign and enters Capricorn, where it’ll remain until early 2024. Mercury’s presence in your sector of money and self-esteem encourages you to take your financial journey more seriously, and to connect with mentors or advisors who can share their wisdom responsibly with you. But remember, Sag, you can receive all the best advice in the world, but you’re the only one who can take the steps to consistently integrate it into your life. And doing that will take discipline and self-honesty. Make that your mission this week and beyond.

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, now that the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all traveling through Sagittarius this week, your sector of spirituality, closure, and healing is lit up. When you combine this with the energy of the Gemini Full Moon (which stimulates your sector of health and wellness), a part of you may feel more sensitive and self-protective this week. At first you may attempt to hide or minimize your increased sensitivity and vulnerability, but the sooner you realize that your emotions are a superpower, the more you’ll be able to break out of your shell and reveal yourself authentically.

This weekend Mercury shifts out of Sagittarius and enters your sign until the beginning of 2024. Mercury will shift retrograde in your sign on December 13th, so use this week and next to complete any important professional or creative projects that you’ve had on your to-do list for most of the year. This doesn’t mean doing everything at once, but rather prioritizing which missions are the most important to you, and not letting yourself get distracted by all the fiery energy in the cosmos right now. Commit to your long-term endeavors; through doing so you’ll help others stay focused on what can collectively help our world evolve.

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, the Full Moon in Gemini strikes as the week begins, bringing attention to your sector of fate, true love, and creativity. Your imagination will be running wild with different visions, ideas, and projects, and it’s quite likely that you’ll make a breakthrough in one or more of those projects this week. At the same time, since full moons symbolize closure and endings, it’s also a possibility that you’ll experience a friendship or romantic break-up this week, which could leave you feeling devastated (even if you’re a legend at pretending to be emotionless). Whatever transpires this week, give yourself plenty of time to care for how you’re really feeling, instead of pretending that you don’t care.

Mercury’s shift into Capricorn on Friday gives you no choice but to tend to your spiritual needs, as your sector of healing and closure is activated by Mercury in Capricorn for the coming weeks. If you have a journaling practice, take time to candidly express what’s on your heart during this transit, and if you don’t yet have one, this may be the week to begin. Leaving yourself voice notes or talking to a therapist are also great options for making sure you’re utilizing healthy emotional outlets available to you.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, this week’s Gemini Full Moon brings attention to your domestic sector, and could lead to you experiencing closure in a home or family-related situation that you’ve been grappling with these past six months. You may finally feel ready to let go of grudges or resentment that you felt toward a family member (or someone who felt like family). Alternatively you could decide to move in with a partner, get engaged, or grow a family — even if it means getting a new house plant — during this powerful lunation.

This week your mind is likely to be racing and exploring various possibilities due to Mercury’s final stretch through Sagittarius, but once Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1st your sector of social networks and technology will be activated, encouraging you to find an outlet for everything you’ve been thinking of. Writing your thoughts down on a blog or using your social media platforms as tools of self-expression will help anchor you in your truth while making sure you don’t feel overstimulated with ideas that are stuck in your head. With Saturn’s continued transit through your sign, keep in mind that you’re in a prime position to teach and lead people, Pisces. This is the time to remember the power of your voice and actions.

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