Why Travis Kelce wasn’t at Taylor Swift’s latest European Eras Tour concert

Why Travis Kelce wasn’t at Taylor Swift’s latest European Eras Tour concert

While Taylor Swift performed another three-hour concert in Lisbon on May 25, Travis Kelce had other plans.

Last night, the 34-year-old football player watched the Dallas Stars hockey team take on the Edmonton Oilers at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas Stars were clearly happy to host the NFL player, even attempting to recruit the athlete using a lyric from his favourite Taylor Swift song, “Blank Space.”

“We’ve got a Blank Space (on the back of a Stars jersey), and we’ll write your name,” the Dallas Stars’ social media team captioned an Instagram video of Kelce enjoying the game from one of the stadium’s suites.

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Speaking of stadiums, Taylor Swift got particularly emotional during her second Eras Tour performance in Lisbon on Saturday Night. “I have to say. I’ve just never seen a crowd like this in my life,” Swift told the crowd at the Estádio da Luz, per fan recordings. “There have been moments in this show already where I like, forget what I’m supposed to do next or what I’m supposed to say because I’m just so distracted by how much fun you’re having and how you’re performing in the audience. I love this.”

She continued, “You’re just so in the moment and I cannot tell you how special that is for us as performers to get to look out and make eye contact with you and connect with you in this way.”

For his part, Travis Kelce has already attended five of his girlfriend’s Eras Tour concerts, including her final Paris show on May 12. “I don’t know if they’re just getting better or if I just keep forgetting how they are,” Kelse later said of the experience on his New Heights podcast. “It was electric in there.”

Swifties can probably expect to catch Kelce at a few more European shows before football season starts back up. “He wants to support her as much as he can while he can,” a source recently told Us Weekly. “He’s going to [go] back and forth from the U.S. to Europe while he has the time.”

Which ones? We can’t say for sure, but Kelce seemed pretty excited about the upcoming London shows. “I think she’s at Wembley eight times, which is mind-blowing that she can do that many shows in one stadium and fill that thing up,” Kelce told Entertainment Tonight back in April. “I played at Wembley once and I don’t even think we filled that thing all the way up.”

For good measure, he added, “There won’t be a bad show, I promise you that.”

This article originally appeared in GLAMOUR (US).

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