Why Travis Kelce relies on ‘instinct’ and ‘panic’ when getting dressed

Why Travis Kelce relies on ‘instinct’ and ‘panic’ when getting dressed

Travis Kelce doesn’t just have a passion for scoring touchdowns – he loves to score designer duds and limited-edition sneakers too.

In conversation with The Wall Street Journal, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end – who’s rumoured to be dating Taylor Swift – spoke candidly about his appreciation for clothing and motivation to style himself before every game.

In recent weeks, Kelce, 33, has received an increased amount of attention following speculation the NFL player is romantically involved with the “Anti-Hero” artist. And with that, fans have been noticing the standout outfits he’s worn while escorting Swift out of Arrowhead Stadium and accompanying her to the Saturday Night Live afterparty in New York City. But Kelce’s infatuation with fashion began long before his newfound relationship with the Grammy winner.

According to the professional athlete, fashion has always been a big part of his pre-game ritual. Before arriving at any stadium, Kelce contemplates the look he wants to sport, and he actually prefers to do so under a time crunch.

“I kind of just do it off of instinct. It really just goes down to the wire,” he told the outlet during their 16 October interview. “I kind of enjoy the creative process of the panic to just throw something together.”

To be clear, Kelce isn’t rummaging through a light rotation of clothing. Rather, he’s choosing from a myriad of options with about 300 pairs of sneakers and a bedroom-turned-closet full of garments. The self-proclaimed “impulse shopper” admitted he’s constantly building his wardrobe and scouring sites like Farfetch and Ssense while watching football games on the TV or eating a meal.

Though some athletes and most celebrities choose to work with renowned stylists, Kelce has always preferred to tap into his own inspiration.

From donning high fashion suits designed by brands like Celine, to strutting into Paris Fashion Week shows, Kelce has an acquired taste for fashion different from that of his teammates. While many of his counterparts prefer to stick with classic sweatsuits or even traditional suit and tie combos, the younger Kelce brother isn’t afraid to stray from the masses in Louis Vuitton overcoats or reconfigured Dior suits for game and guest appearances.

But his eclectic style goes beyond known brands. Kelce’s sources from smaller streetwear companies as well, such as Brooklyn-based KidSuper Studios. After Swift attended his 24 September home game, the two were spotted leaving Arrowhead Stadium in a getaway car. Swift wore Chiefs merchandise while Kelce changed out of his gear and into the brand’s 1999 Bedroom Painting set.

Colm Dillane, the founder of KidSuper, noted of Kelce: “He’s an NFL player with a crazy salary so he can wear all the top brands, but then it’s really cool that he’s, like, genuinely on the internet searching for different brands

“Obviously, not every look is for everybody,” Kelce said to The Wall Street Journal. “I’m not going to be offended if somebody says I look like a clown if I got a fun hat on and some wacky jeans. It is what it is, I’m gonna have fun with it.”

“For the most part, I do it to put a smile on somebody’s face,” he continued.

Fashion took precedence when he was younger, even when he was on the field. Kelce wanted to have all the best gear from athletic headbands to top-of-the-line shoes.

The athlete admitted: “Playing a sport growing up, like I always wanted to wear a headband, I always wanted to have a certain pair of shoes.”

Of course, as Kelce got older, making it to the NFL and earning a salary more than he could’ve ever imagined, his ability to stray from run-of-the-mill looks became easier. He no longer had to shop under the constraints of money.

“Money gave me access to certain designers and just certain fabrics that I absolutely love now,” Kelce confessed.

Most recently, Kelce was seen leaving Swift’s New York City apartment in a green Palm Angels tracksuit, black baseball cap, and matching sunglasses to go watch his brother Jason play against the New York Jets.

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