Trust me, Paradisefold is the non-committal secret to your glossiest hair yet

Trust me, Paradisefold is the non-committal secret to your glossiest hair yet

From childhood memories of watching my mom unwrap her silk scarf to unravel the glossiest and bounciest of blow dries on her naturally curly hair, to now incorporating the practice into my own nightly routine, the power of silk wraps, scarves and bonnets never fail to amaze me. Curly and coily hair is drier and more brittle than other textures due to its structure, so it requires some extra care. Whether natural, braided, or pressed, the preservation of moisture and prevention of breakage for curly and coily hair is paramount.

But wraps are not just for protection—and not just for curly and coily hair. They have become cultural beauty staples in many communities, so what they look like matters just as much as how they work. This is of course the best kept secret for maintaining healthy, vibrant strands every night for many women, requiring no chemicals and minimal effort. That’s where Paradisefold steps in—a Fashion’s Digest Hair Awards 2024 winner—which offers a full range of easy-to-use, luxe hair accessories crafted to protect your curls and coils against dry fabric friction and loss of essential moisture.

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When it comes to wellness, hair care often takes the spotlight for women, however, as much as a priority your hair may be, many of us don’t want it to become all consuming. Paradisefold silk hair wraps embody this efficiency and offer a seamless blend of practicality and elegance. The magic of these wraps happens overnight while you catch some Z’s (although note that these beautiful buttery silks can also be worn on the go), sans harsh chemicals or exhausting routines. The Fold, their flagship creation, handcrafted in London with two layers of 19-momme mulberry silk, stands as the ultimate remedy for various hair woes. From battling frizz and dryness to elevating hair texture and appearance, Paradisefold presents a natural route to healthy waves, curls and coils.

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