An edit of chic ready-made curtains for effortless window styling

An edit of chic ready-made curtains for effortless window styling

A chic set of ready made curtains is an easy place to start if you’re thinking about upgrading your interiors. As well as adding decorative value – whether you opt for pastel hues or tassels – the best curtains will block out just the right amount of natural light required (apt, when it gets light at 5am), and provide you with privacy whenever it’s required.

For some people, feeling the morning sunlight against your face is the perfect wake-up call — while for others, getting to sleep depends on the effectiveness of your blackout roller blinds or curtains. And whatever your preference, there’s a set of ready made curtains for you — whether they’re completely blackout or voile.

Ready to say goodbye to the hefty price tag that comes with made to measure curtains? We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite options currently on the market, and also answered some key FAQs about all-things ready made curtains, below.

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The best ready made curtains at a glance:

  1. Best ready made voile curtains: 2-Pack Airy Multiway Curtains, £19.99, H&M
  2. Best blackout pencil pleat curtains: Cotton Slub Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains, £100, John Lewis
  3. Best full-length living room curtains: 2-Pack Linen Blend Curtains, £39.99, H&M
  4. Best ready made curtains with tassel trims: Mindra Curtain, £88, Anthropologie
  5. Best luxurious lined eyelet curtains: Orla Kiely Trio Stem Pair Lined Eyelet Curtains, £64, John Lewis

2-Pack Airy Multiway Curtains

Textured Weave Blackout/Thermal Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

2-Pack Linen Blend Curtains

What types of ready made curtains are there?

Pencil pleat curtains: As the name suggests, pencil pleat curtains are made by using more fabric to create folds or ‘pleats’, that look like lines of pencils. A classic style of window dressing — and still one of the most popular — they’re usually attached to the curtain tracks or rail using hooks, which you’ll generally need to purchase separately.

Eyelet curtains: Sometimes referred to as ‘ring top curtains’, eyelet curtains have rings sewn into their header material that the rail can run directly through. Requiring no curtain hooks for assembly, or cords for opening and closing, they’re generally seen as the easiest kind of curtains to both install and operate.

Tab top curtains: Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory, tab top curtains have loops of fabric at the top that wrap around the curtain rail. They don’t require hooks, and sometimes even have hidden poppers or buttons for easier removal.

What lengths do ready made curtains come in?

There’s currently no standard length for ready made curtains — as most retailers have their own specifications. So, getting out the measuring tape is key if you’re going in search of the perfect match for your space.

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