These satisfying foot peel masks are perfect for at-home pedi touch-ups

These satisfying foot peel masks are perfect for at-home pedi touch-ups

With the hashtags “#footcare”, “#callusremoval” and “#footmasks” boasting a collective 97K videos on TikTok, it’s clear that foot peel masks are garnering some much-deserved attention. Satisfyingly, foot peels slough away dead, hard skin to reveal baby-soft feet, while targeting painful calluses and build-up of hard skin – ideal for at-home top-ups in-between your pedicures.

But if the thought of watching a #footmask video on TikTok makes you feel a little queasy, worry not. Instead, keep reading ahead, where we’ve rounded up our favourite foot masks that genuinely work, alongside everything you need to know about them – from how they work to how long their results last.

Best foot peel masks at a glance

BeautyPro Foot and Callus Peel

Beauty Pie Dr Glycolic Soft Feet 7-Day Peel Socks

Scholl Expert Care Exfoliating Heel Peel Mask

My Mood Walk On The Wild Side Foot Mask

How do foot peels work?

Most foot peels come with a serum-like solution that’s packed with chemical exfoliators like glycolic and salicylic acid to remove dead and damaged cells whilst improving cell turnover. These ingredients work much like they would on the face, except at much higher and more powerful concentrations, leading to a full snake-like shedding of your skin (which is what makes for such an addictive TikTok video!). Some peel treatments also feature hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, shea butter or aloe vera to help nourish and soothe extra dry feet.

To make the shedding process easier and less messy, some brands offer exfoliating socks. These little booties come filled with the chemical peel serum and you can simply slip them on, fasten up and go about your day whilst your feet marinate. Follow the instructions on your specific boots, but most will advise dampening your feet first to help aid absorption of the serum.

How we tested foot peel masks:

The GLAMOUR team has collectively reviewed multiple foot peel masks from a variety of brands. When it comes to testing, we assess each product on criteria like efficacy, value for money, ingredients and packaging. In the rare instance where we can’t personally test something, we make sure to consult our experts, as well as read up on countless of consumer reviews. Read more about how we test here.

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