These 19 underwired swimsuits will support you all summer long

These 19 underwired swimsuits will support you all summer long

There are few tasks more annoying than trying on swimwear, but if you’re blessed with breasts, you may find the struggle even more unbearable. Enter: underwired swimsuits, the fool-proof invention you never knew you needed until now.

Sunbathing or swimming while scantily clad is a daunting idea to anyone. Those few awkward seconds where you know you need to remove your summer dress or beach cover-up, but you’re worried your bathing suit/one-piece costume has twisted or got caught somewhere, so you do this weird, super-fast shimmy out of it in case you flash a part of your body you really didn’t intend to? Yep. We’ve all been there.

The solution? Underwired swimsuits. While itty bitty ‘kinis are great for sunbathing in when you want to keep your tan lines to a minimum, they’re not the best at staying in place underwater. Ever experienced a gaping bikini top while getting your daily laps in on holiday? Not with an underwired swimsuit you won’t.

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What do underwire swimsuits do?

Pretty much what they say on the label, underwired swimsuits feature the same level of support you’ll find with most of your bras. There’s no catch, either; you needn’t have a big bust nor a small chest in order to wear one – they’re simply there to provide the extra reinforcement should you feel you need it.

Instead of relying on those triangular bits of padding that a lot of string bikinis have (which, let’s face it, either bunch up or get lost in the wash anyway), underwired swimsuits feature two horseshoe-shaped bits of metal under the cups to keep your bust in the right place and shape all day.

Similarly to shapewear swimsuits, underwire swimsuits are built to flatter your assets and make you feel your most confident, and we’ve found 19 of them from the best swimwear brands going. Ready to invest? Keep scrolling.

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