The ‘Old Money blow-dry’ is your go-to for glamorous hair this party season

The ‘Old Money blow-dry’ is your go-to for glamorous hair this party season

It was only a matter of time before quiet luxury went beyond Sofia Richie’s blazers and ballet pumps to become a dominant trend in the hair space. The ‘Old Money blow-dry’ is a case in point. Characterised by soft bouncy bobs, salon-worthy waves and sleek ponytails, this is an elevated take on basic styles – and it ticks every box for the festive party season.

According to hair stylist Luke Hersheson – who works with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Dua Lipa – the Old Money blow-dry is the definition of polished hair. “There’s lots of shine and a little movement but essentially it is very brushed, full, glossy-looking hair,” he says.

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From Succession to Gossip Girl, popular TV programmes have been fuelling our obsession with the aesthetic for some time. Then TikTok joined the party with offshoots such as the coastal grandmother.

Now Old Money is back in the spotlight courtesy of season 6 of The Crown. Margot Robbie’s new film Saltburn will be fuelling the trend, too. To put this into perspective, #OldMoney has garnered over 11.2 billion views on TikTok, with #OldMoneyAesthetic amassing 142.3 million views.

But it’s our hair that is currently taking centre stage with timeless Old Money styles. Better still, you don’t actually have to possess huge sums of money to give the appearance that you’ve inherited a small fortune.

Classic hair accessories such as haberdashery bows and headbands are one way to lean into the aesthetic. Karlie Kloss delivered a masterclass in making the black hair bow look modern – not prissy – at this year’s Met Gala, while Jennifer Lawrence has sparked an entire micro trend around headbands, especially the black leather version that is her go-to of late.

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