The ‘off-campus cut’ has autumn girl hair energy

The ‘off-campus cut’ has autumn girl hair energy

If you ask us, the autumn term is best. It’s the first season back which means new notebooks, adorable fits and, perhaps a fresh chop. And, the “Off-Campus Cut’ is very much playing into that mood, while also tapping up a chop that’s got TikTok’s seal of approval – especially amongst college age users.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to be a current student to tap in. This is very much for all alumni, or anyone for that matter, because that “fall” feeling is universal.

So, what exactly is the “Off-Campus Cut”

What is the “Off-Campus Cut”?

Coined by celebrity hairstylist and Living Proof ambassador, Clay Hawkins, who counts Olivia Rodrigo, Dove Cameron, Maddie Ziegler and Ashley Park (among others) as clients, the “Off-Campus Cut” is effectively a layered chop that pays homage to some seriously phwoar ’90s hair moments. It helps too, that it plays beautifully with autumn fashion trends, where we tend to step up our layering game also.

To summarise the style, Clay says it features “blown-out, straight, long layers,” noting it has “no bounce” but it does have body. “It’s the epitome of paired-back, one-length, ’90s sit-com style hair,” says Clay. As for the length, it looks good “worn as short as just below the chin,” Clay says, but equally, some extra length can help show off all those beautiful layers.

The key is that it looks relaxed and approachable, but still like you’ve made a bit of an effort. So rather than totally off-duty, this is “off-campus”: e.g. ready for a social outing whenever plans call.

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Who inspired the “Off-Campus Cut”?

If you’re starting to think this all sounds suspiciously like The Rachel, we have Jen An to this one. Celebrity inspo comes from “the queen of ‘90s sit-com hair, Jennifer Anniston,” says Clay. But specifically, we’re looking at her hair in the mid seasons (4-7) when she’d moved on from her infamous choppy lob to longer layers.

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