The ‘Apres Girl’ is Kim Kardashian’s update to ‘Cold Girl’ makeup

The ‘Apres Girl’ is Kim Kardashian’s update to ‘Cold Girl’ makeup

The ‘Apres Girl’ is looking likely to takeover from last year’s ‘Cold Girl’ makeup which, for the uninitiated, saw frosty eyeshadows, rosy cheeks and cherry-stained lips replicate the effects of a brisk walk outside in ultra chilly winter weather. On cue to give the aesthetic a boost with her own rendition was Kylie Jenner, whose winter makeup went viral on TikTok this time last year.

Now, it’s the turn of sis, Kim, who released the Holiday campaign for her Skims range rocking a seriously seasonal makeup look.

Created by her long-time makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, the aesthetic is very much apres-ski vibes with brighter goggle marks left around her eyes to replicate a post-snow suntan. It takes elements of “cold girl” makeup (frosted shadows, rosy cheeks) and ups the ante with a winter version of the “sunburn blush” trend, which features a brighter, flushed-looking blusher applied in a “W” shape to cup the cheekbone, carry over the bridge of the nose, then back across other cheekbone.

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Kim’s gone retro with it too to channel the look of late 1960’s winter campaigns and adverts. It looks like it could have come straight off a vintage chalet brochure. Her golden blonde hair is brushed back, sans parting, and her eyes are decorated in a throwback icy blue eyeshadow, with nude lips to complete the look.

It works against SKIMS winter collection which features silky shorts in icicle silver blue, fuzzy T-shirts and hoodies, fair isle print pyjamas, cosy loungewear and a whole edit of basics (onesies, bodies, bralettes and turtlenecks) in Mrs Clause red.

While Kim’s glam is maybe a little exaggerated for every day, dialled back, we can see apres-girl makeup taking off. So, if you’re wondering what to pair with your snow boots and fluffy hoods, a post-slopes look that plays up winter blusher could be a very cute way forward…

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