Home Beauty Selena Gomez says milky manicures still work for autumn, thank you very much

Selena Gomez says milky manicures still work for autumn, thank you very much

Selena Gomez says milky manicures still work for autumn, thank you very much


The words “autumn nails” probably convey visions of deep burgundies, romantic plums, chocolate browns and yummy pumpkin spice shades. However, Selena Gomez is here to say, “Not so fast! Milky manicures still work just fine for fall, thank you very much.”

Selena and her go-to manicurist, Tom Bachik, made a very compelling case for sticking with the neutral “milk bath” nails that were so popular with our celebrity pals this summer. They’ve gone light for autumn with their most recent collaboration, which Tom calls “pink milkshake,” and Selena’s nails do indeed look like a vanilla milkshake with just the teeniest drop of strawberry or cherry flavour. They’re a super, super pale pinky white that looks good enough to drink.

Tom lengthened Selena’s nails with Aprés Nail’s Gel X Coffin Tips in Maisie, but these aren’t just a basic nail extension tip — they’re actually tinted, so they’re basically like a pro version of a press-on apply-and-go manicure.

He filed the nails into a square shape, then painted the neutral pink base nail with Aprés Gel Couleur in Yuri-ka! to soften the colour into that deliciously plush pink-white colour. This light beige nude is only available in the US but Essie Nail Polish in 79 Sand Tropez is a good alternative hue.

Does it not give you visions of cosy cashmere jumpers, fluffy whipped cream on your latte and your warmest, snuggliest blanket? Just me? Well, me, Selena Gomez and Tom’s other A-list client, the one and only Jennifer Lopez, who recently wore a luxe set of “sweater weather” nails.

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Selena isn’t the only celeb changing things up during spooky season. Kourtney Kardashian also ditched the vampy shades so prevalent in autumn for a milky mani, pairing it with a witchy all-black ensemble, and Dolly Parton has been rocking a pink and red manicure for more than a year straight, seasonality be damned.

Other celebrities, however, are more than ready for the autumn vibes, like Shay Mitchell’s dark blood red and Vanessa Hudgens’s iridescent couture haunted house nails. Of course, there’s still plenty of time before winter, which means one thing and one thing only: more manicures!

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