Penélope Cruz has the ombré-est ombré in Hollywood right now

Penélope Cruz has the ombré-est ombré in Hollywood right now

One of the biggest beauty trend surprises of 2023 has been what I like to call the Ombrénaissance: the triumphant return of ombré hair colour. And I do mean triumphant — it has come back better than ever, with more nuance and smooth gradients than previous ombré upswings. Just look at celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and Rita Ora. Perfected technique has allowed for both seamlessly subtle and well-blended bold takes on the look, and from the looks of it, Penélope Cruz is partaking in the latter with gusto.

After wearing her hair a nearly-black shade of dark brown for a while, Penelope’s hair has been jam-packed with caramel highlights since this past summer. But just how variegated it is from roots to ends didn’t become truly apparent until she attended the Gotham Awards in New York City on Monday, 27 November. She wore a crocheted, floor-length Chanel dress which, unlike her hair, was the same colour from top to bottom.

Going by just the deeply-parted swoop atop Penelope’s hair, you might initially think her take on ombré hair is a low-key one, with shades of dark and medium brown. However, the underside of her length is splashed with honey-blonde tones, creating a distinct difference between the darkest colour at her roots and the lightest toward her ends.

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Penelope’s eye makeup appears to play off her interplaying hair colours, with warm brown eye shadow and coppery eyeliner.

Love how Penelope’s colour looks? Bookmark this story and bring it to your colourist. West Palm Beach hairstylist Billy Hannam told us: “An inspiration picture lets your hairstylist point to certain aspects and ask questions like, ‘Do you like this tone? Do you like how low the lightness starts? Do you like how subtle or high-contrast this is?’”

But don’t worry if this isn’t exactly the ombré you want — there are lots of other celebrity examples from which you can pull inspiration.

This feature first appeared on Allure.

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