June’s new moon in Gemini is coming – here’s what it means for your star sign

June’s new moon in Gemini is coming – here’s what it means for your star sign

June’s new moon in Gemini is right around the corner, so buckle up and prepare to make the most of the big moon energy. This month’s new moon is set to usher in new beginnings and positive vibes aplenty, meaning now is one of the best times to invest in yourself, set intentions and manifest for the future.

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon align in the same star sign, being the point at which the moon is directly between the earth and sun, making it barely visible.

While this month’s new moon in Gemini set to take place on 6 June 2024, you actually have three days to tap into the positive vibes of this new moon, with the phase referring to the day prior, the day of and day after the sun and moon align.

A time of change and refreshing new energy, June’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect time to set new intentions and dive into goal setting. It’s finally time to get started on that project you’ve been putting off or allow yourself the fresh start you’ve been so craving, with Gemini’s duality allowing you the energy to take on more projects with the positivity you might have been running low on.

Geminis are known for their curious, outgoing and adaptable nature, with June’s new moon playing into this with its social element that is sure to bring out the best in extroverts and introverts alike.

Ready to learn how to harness the power of June’s new moon in Gemini?

Here’s exactly what you need to know, including what it means for the star signs most affected by this new moon.

New moon in Gemini’s symbolic meaning

A new moon marks the beginning of a fresh cycle, rounding off endings and sparking new beginnings.

Speaking for Tarotoo, astrologer Inbaal Honigman says “At the time of the new moon, the sun and the moon are in the same sign, whereas at the time of the full moon, the sun is in an opposite sign to the moon. This means that when the moon is brand new, and the sun and the moon are both in Gemini this June, life and love feels aligned, everything runs along the same lines – love life fits well around work life, your fitness schedule doesn’t clash with your evenings out.”

Make the most of this rare balance and enjoy the moment!

What the new moon in Gemini means for your love life

Honigman explains “This is a star sign that finds traditional romantic love to be complicated and restrictive, as Gemini is the zodiac for socialising and meeting new people.”

The new moon also sees Mercury (the planet of communication) in Gemini, Venus (the planet of love) in Gemini and Jupiter (the planet of growth) in…yep, Gemini.

With the Gemini energy especially strong on 6 June, Honigman says you should expect it “to be a day for meeting new people who are interested in you. Not one at a time, either, because Gemini is all about doing things in doubles. Funny coincidences such as meeting two people with the same forename, or receiving clashing hen night invitations, are extremely likely.”

W‌hat it means for your career

With Gemini being a symbol of duality, it might feel like you’re being pulled in two different directions when it comes to your career amid June’s new moon.

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