Industrial piercings are back in a big way

Industrial piercings are back in a big way

Just when you thought there weren’t any more piercings to learn about, the industrial piercing circles back round. Popular in the nineties, now celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale have been spotted with the barbell or ‘scaffold’ piercing through their ears. Two piercings in one, if you’ve been considering doubling up, here’s everything you need to know about the helix focused adornment.


What is an industrial piercing?

Also known as a ‘scaffold’ piercing because of the bar that goes through your ear and the fact that you’re essentially ‘constructing’ a piercing, an industrial piercing is “typically two piercings through the helix and forward helix connected by one ling bar that joins them together,” says Jess Sellars, piercer and owner of The Luna Collective.

How painful is an industrial piercing?

It’s going through cartilage which is always going to be more painful than the fleshy part of the ear such as the lobe, plus you’re having two piercings instead of one so don’t expect it to be pleasant. But it is totally manageable and over in a flash. You might have to sleep on the other side of your face for a while though.

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What sort of ears can’t get industrial piercings?

If you have smaller ears or don’t have a prominent ridge, it could be trickier to get an industrial piercing and Jess admits that “many people do not have the right anatomy for this piercing.” From her experience, “the most common reason is that the flat of the ear is too curved, which means if the bar was to sit across it, it would end up indenting and causing a lot of problems,” she says. “Another reason is that the outer rims of the ears can be too thin, so it is more likely to grow out. However there are many piercers that bend bars, use other constructive pieces or simply design something to flow down the flat of the ear.”

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