59 mid-length hairstyles to take to your salon ASAP

59 mid-length hairstyles to take to your salon ASAP

Apparently, mid-length hairstyles mid-length hair is the hot-girl of hair cuts a right now. Why? Well, it’s the happy medium we all need every once in a while. Not sure whether to grow your hair XXL, or cut it into a short crop or swishy bob? Perhaps you’re in that mid-length growth rut that many of us get cursed with. Either way, mid-length hair is the perfect in-between length, because it give you a bit of everything.

Want a flirty shoulder-grazing cut that shows off a little collarbone action? Mid-length hairstyles hit right at that sweet spot. Still want enough room to access all the cute hairstyles that are currently trending (see: baby braids, Pammy updos and the knotted ballerina bun)? Mid-length hair will see you straight there, too.

Looking for versatile and a lower-maintenance stylish option without compromising too much length? You got it, mid-length cut. It’s no wonder we are seeing so much mid-length hair inspo with our favourite celebs (think Lucy Hale, Lizzo and Kourtney Kardashian) has the go to for modern chic cut of the moment.

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Still on the fence? One major benefit to mid-length hair (especially if you’re going shorter, rather than growing it longer), is that it can leave hair looking so much healthier. A fresh chop that skims away dead ends can complete transform the look of hair, and make it look thicker, swishier and much more luxurious.

One of the main benefits of mid-length hair is how you can transform your cut from a sleek and straight to messy and tousled oh-so-easily. Plus, there is enough length to experiment with different hair accessories like hair clips, hairbands, and hats, to add some extra character to your look. All you need is a little creativity to switch up your style every day.

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