Home Beauty I got a psychic ‘lip print reading’—here’s what I learned

I got a psychic ‘lip print reading’—here’s what I learned

I got a psychic ‘lip print reading’—here’s what I learned


Oh, and before you ask, getting lip filler or a lip flip will not impact her ability to read someone’s lips. “I feel energy, not necessarily the size of the lips,” she says. “Someone can have a very small, gentle energy but still have a humongous lip.”

My favorite part of lip print reading didn’t have anything to do with Dustin’s psychic abilities, though. It’s the fact that our kiss marks can change over time—and not because of filler.

“We are always evolving, so if someone was a certain way, then they got older, and let’s say they started meditating and started being more balanced, then their lip mark would be more balanced,” Dustin says. We love a psychic who acknowledges personal growth!

Furthermore, much as with manifestation manicures, Dustin believes that when we do what makes us feel our most beautiful—whether that’s wearing our favourite lipstick or something else—is when we are our most powerful.

“Manifesting is all about energy, and we make more energy when we’re feeling good,” she says. “When we’re feeling beautiful, we’re feeling powerful. So with my silly lipstick, when I put that on, it feels so good on my lips. I love the colour, and when I put it on, it just makes me feel better. If you feel better, your energy in your aura will raise. The higher that vibration, the more you’ll be able to manifest things on this planet.”

Is this sounding too woo-woo for you? Just take the TikTok route and reframe “manifestation” as lucky girl syndrome and/or being “delulu.”

I won’t bore you with all the secrets of my lip reading, but I do want to share one last nugget of wisdom Dustin offered. Because we spoke two days before my birthday, I asked if there was anything my pout had to say about my year ahead.

“Call it the universe, the cosmos, God…they don’t give you aspirations unless you can meet them,” she says. “When you’re dreaming up your life, you’re not being arrogant, you’re not reaching for things that are ridiculous. You are reaching what you have an internal mode to accomplish, or you wouldn’t have those changes and aspirations.”

In other words: If you can dream it, you can do it. And if a bold lipstick shade lends itself to a bolder lipstick print moving forward, so be it.

Ahead, shop some of our favourite lip products for the perfect pout, plus suggestions for further reading on the subject. And if there’s something you’re manifesting in the year ahead, here’s some final advice from Dustin, no matter your lip shape or preferred shade.

“If there’s something you want, write it down,” she says. “Sit quietly, plug into the universe and be like, Okay, what is my intention this year—what do I want? Then write it down and think, What will it feel like when I’m there? Remember that emotion throughout the year; it brings that experience into your field.”

This article was originally published on GLAMOUR US.


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