Here’s every time Anne Hathaway hit back against body-shamers

Here’s every time Anne Hathaway hit back against body-shamers

If anyone knows how to take back the power from body-shaming trolls, it’s Anne Hathaway. Throughout her career, she has faced criticism and questions from interviewees regarding her body weight, often calling out journalists who go as far as asking her about how much weight she has lost for a particular role (you’ve probably seen the meme).

The actor has been open about the struggles of body image, particularly in such a public-facing, vanity-driven Hollywood, where trolls are ready to jump on weight gain like it’s a hobby. Thankfully, Hathaway is happy to give them a taste of their own game while also being open and honest to her fans about her body positivity, particularly after having children.

So, we’ve rounded up every time Anne Hathaway has hit back at body-shaming comments and it’s all the sass you need RN.

When promoting One Day and an interviewer asked how she got into a catsuit

When Anne Hathaway was giving an interview promoting One Day, Canadian film critic and TV/radio personality, Chris Van Vliet started asking her about her other film Catwoman. “Fans are really excited about this. It was a couple days ago we finally saw the first photos of you as Catwoman,” he says, asking, “How do you fit into that suit?”

she replied:”It takes three of us and a lot of lead time.” She continues: “Sit-ups, tricep curls and, you know, bench kicks – I don’t know.”

The interviewer pressed for more: “How much weight have you lost to get into this shape right now?” Anne, shocked at the question said, “You did not just ask me that! What a forward young man you are?!”

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The interviewer further added, “I’m not saying you needed to lose weight, I’m just saying, you look…”

When another male interviewer asked what her feline fitness regime was

When Anne Hathaway was promoting The Dark Knight Rises an male interviewer asked, “What is the feline fitness regime?” She simply answered one needed to be conscious about their health and workout. The interviewer kept probing to which the actress wittily replied, “Are you trying to lose weight? What’s the deal? You look great. What do you want? Are you trying to fit into a catsuit?”

When Hathaway’s cast members celebrated her postpartum body

There’s nothing quite like a bunch of A-listers celebrating your post-partum body, even when you’re an A-lister yourself, as Hathaway revealed during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show ahead of the Oceans 8 release.

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