Fans think Hailey Bieber just secretly revealed the name of her baby

Fans think Hailey Bieber just secretly revealed the name of her baby

Is it just us or did Hailey Bieber just drop a major hint about the potential name of mini Bieber?

Bieber, who is currently pregnant with her first child with husband Justin Bieber, took to Instagram yesterday to share a rather cryptic message. Next to a selfie that showed her wearing a strawberry sticker (Rhode pimple patch?) on her forehead, she wrote, “Little cherry blossoms on my nails little cherry blossom in my belly.”

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While Bieber may have just been giving her baby a cute little nickname, some fans are convinced that “Cherry Blossom” or simply “Blossom” or “Cherry” might just be the name that she and Justin have picked out for their first child. And honestly? That would be kind of adorable.

Hailey Bieber announced her pregnancy earlier this month while renewing her vows with Justin — and, since then, she has been spotted showing off her growing bump in a crop top and demonstrating her summer peachy makeup routine on YouTube.

The couple has dodged pregnancy rumors over the years (including one started by Justin himself, an ill-advised April Fool’s joke back in 2019), and Hailey had previously shut each one down. Back in 2022, after yet another round of pregnancy whispers, Hailey told fans that she was suffering from an ovarian cyst “the size of an apple.”

In addition to the cyst, which Hailey said was benign, the couple endured another scary health issue in 2022: Hailey suffered from a “mini-stroke” due to a blood clot in her brain, and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily, she said, her body was able to process the clot on its own, and she fully recovered.

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