Do you have ‘hay fever face’?

Do you have ‘hay fever face’?

“To make matters worse, we tend to rub the inflamed skin around our eyes so it appears bruised,” says consultant dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall. Lean on an eye gel with an ultra-cold, metal-tipped rollerball such as Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum. A combination of caffeine and a glacial soil extract attend to dark circles and feel deliciously cooling on the skin. 

Keep your skincare simple

Hay fever is a hazard to our vanity, too, so now is not the time to start experimenting with retinol. As Dr Hextall explains, “When exposed to allergens, histamine is produced by cells in the respiratory system but also in the skin.” This histamine reaction causes an uptick in redness, swelling and sensitivity. 

“When skin is irritated we tend to scratch, causing further histamine release,” adds Dr Hextall.  “Over time this thickened, scratched skin results in non-allergy related inflammation and an itch-scratch cycle.” 

So you’ll want to ensure your skincare is as supremely gentle as possible – starting with your cleanser. Dr Hextall advises using the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser, followed by hydrators such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to repair the skin barrier and prevent pollen from squeezing into any microscopic cracks. For convenience, both are found in the CeraVe Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Cool to depuff

A puffy face is no match for the cold. Face mist, better still one that’s been kept in the fridge overnight, isn’t just sensorially pleasing, “it actually washes away pollen particles that have become stuck to your skin,” says Dr Hextall. 

You might also want to consider investing in a pair of cryo balls – those drumstick-like tools that are Instagram-bait. Kept in the freezer, Fraicheur Ice Globes provide immediate relief when rolled over the face and eyes, draining away fluid build-up and constricting blood vessels for less redness.

Make your home a pollen-free zone

Pollen particles are teeny and can travel through open windows  – which means your sofa, bed sheets and curtains can become prime real estate for the yellow stuff. According to the Met Office, on sunny days, the pollen count is highest early evening, so it’s worth sleeping with the windows closed. 

Overnight relief comes in the form of an air purifier that doubles up as a fan. Yes, the Dyson Purifier Cool is super bougie and will set you back a cool £399.99 – but it has a filter system that removes 99.95 per cent of pollen particles before they have a chance to enter your system. 

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Take supplements

It may seem obvious that antihistamines help to curb all hay fever symptoms, including a puffy, itchy face. But it’s how you take them that counts. 

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