Dakota Johnson’s best look is also the oldest and easiest outfit idea in the world

Dakota Johnson’s best look is also the oldest and easiest outfit idea in the world

It seems there isn’t a Dakota Johnson outfit we don’t like. Just like Zendaya, her looks are always well thought out from head to toe. And don’t get us started on the always-perfect bangs.

But the photos taken of her on the set of her upcoming movie, Materialists, has taken things to a new level. From a floral dress paired with Nike sneakers to a strapless blue dress that left us speechless to a classic blazer and boots combo, every look has appeared effortless, cool, and elegant. And our favourite of the bunch? The easiest of all to recreate: jeans with a white tank top.

Sometimes, the best outfit is the simplest and least thought out. Dakota Johnson proves it. Among all the things she’s worn while filming Materialists, the one that’s stood out (and been repeated several times) the most? A pair of high-waisted straight leg jeans. It’s a basic and fundamental garment in any closet, and Dakota recently combined it with another equally essential item—a white tank top—to great success.

Dakota Johnson y Pedro Pascal en el set de su próxima película, Materialists.Gotham

Jeans and a white tank top are fashion’s bread and butter—a simple, reliable foundation that never fails. Layers and accessories, like jam on a sandwich, are for those looking to add an extra touch of flavour. However, the sheer style and versatility that can emanate from a simple pair of jeans combined with a white tee cannot be underestimated. This classic combination is the essence of effortless elegance and proves that less can be more.

This feature originally appeared on Glamour Spain.

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