Home Beauty 11 best winter perfumes to get spritzing this season

11 best winter perfumes to get spritzing this season

11 best winter perfumes to get spritzing this season


Scent doesn’t have to be seasonal. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll welcome the excuse to buy yourself a new winter perfume. After all, this time of year calls for cosy, warm and inviting fragrances that, in summer, can often come off as sickly.

Don’t just take our word for it – there’s science behind switching up your scent, too. In summer, hot weather can actually intensify the fragrance notes, which is why many of us reach for lighter, breezier concoctions. In winter, perfume doesn’t project as well so it makes sense to opt for a more intense number.

Of course, it all really comes down to personal preference. While some of us are drawn to loud, show-stopping scents like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, others prefer something soft and smooth that’ll linger in the background. Whichever your preference is, know that you can find your new winter perfume from our cherry-picked selection below.

How to make your winter perfume last

While your fragrance may not project as well in winter, it will stick around for longer (a combination of heat, humidity and sweat means that summer scents evaporate quickly). To make your chosen scent last even longer this winter, “layer your perfume on top of a scented body cream,” suggests Jo Malone, British perfumer and founder of Jo Loves. “Also, never rub your skin together when putting on a fragrance – let it dry freely as it can sometimes break down the fragrance molecules and dull the scent.”

Comforting, cosy and ever-so-moreish, these fragrant finds will carry you through winter and beyond…


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