Your Horoscope This Week: May 26 To June 1

Your Horoscope This Week: May 26 To June 1


Welcome to the first full week of Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, being present in the sign of the twins — Gemini. This final week of May offers us a preview of what Jupiter in Gemini’s 13-month transit has in store. Look out for sudden changes of heart that may catch you, and those in your orbit, off guard as you pivot or re-route previously conceived plans. Gemini energy is all about multiplicity and flexibility, so some of the ideas you had at the start of the month may be quite different now that we’ve entered a new era, cosmically-speaking. 

Our mission with this energy is to allow ourselves to have more fun and infuse more play into our daily routines. In fact, many of us will feel bored by the idea of routine, structure, and repetition. With the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all settled in Gemini, we’re seeking novelty, change, adventure, and new beginnings. 

Our challenge this week will be finding ways to remain grounded and infuse the spirit of discipline and consistency into our actions and intentions. Because if we allow our attention spans to be all over the place, chances are we’ll end up getting carried away by all the airy elements in the cosmos and not getting much done. 

Read your horoscopes for your Sun and Rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.


Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, now that Jupiter is in Gemini, your attention shifts from financial concerns to ways to enhance your communication skills over the course of the next 13 months. Chances are high that whatever creative projects you take on during this transit will get you more attention than you expected. This is particularly due to the north node in your sign harmonizing beautifully with Jupiter in Gemini. Whatever you want, you can get, with a relative amount of ease. 

But be careful what you ask for, or even what you frequently visualize or worry about. With your ruler Mars still in your sign until June 9, your powers of magnetism are supercharged, and as Jupiter is a planet that expands everything it touches, both your dreams and your fears could be amplified by Jupiter, which could lead to you feeling restless. Use the south node’s presence in Libra to cultivate a sense of harmony, balance, and equilibrium in your life as you adjust to this cosmic fresh start. 

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, how are you feeling now that Jupiter has left your sign after a 13-month stay? It may take you some time to adjust to this cosmic shift, and a part of you may feel bewildered by also having your planetary ruler Venus in Gemini (for the next four weeks). All of this Gemini energy activates your sector of money and self-esteem, and you’re being asked to lean into this airiness rather than trying to fight change. Remember that change is the only constant in life, and even though you’re a fixed earth sign, there’s so much Jupiter in Gemini is here to teach you, particularly when it comes to manifesting money through committing to doing what you love, first and foremost. 

Use the last quarter moon in Pisces on the 30th to check in with friends you haven’t connected with in a while. You were in your own cocoon during Jupiter’s transit through Taurus this past year, and now you’re feeling the urge to be more social and let the right people in on what you’ve been up to. Trust your instincts as you open up to friends who make you feel like the rockstar that you are. 

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, your birthday season is increasingly getting better! Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, spends its first full week in your sign, giving you an extra pep in your step and also leading to people being magnetized to you. If you felt stuck doing shadow work for the majority of Jupiter’s past year in Taurus, you may have to adjust to suddenly being thrust into the limelight. You better get used to all of this attention, because it’s only going to increase in coming months, especially once Jupiter harmonizes with Pluto in Aquarius, igniting waves of exciting growth and transformation in your life. 

This is an ideal week to set some objectives for how you’d like to make the most of being the cosmic favorite. You’ve entered a new 12-year cycle in your life. The decisions you make over the course of Jupiter in Gemini’s transit will influence your life for the decade to come. The more you trust your instincts and don’t overthink the process, the more blessings will naturally enter your life. Enjoy this auspicious time! 

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, this week could feel paradoxical to you. You’re still feeling the influence of last week’s Sag full moon which helped you reflect on your health and made you aware of ways you can better tend to yourself, physically and psychologically. And while everyone around you may seem to be in a happy-go-lucky mood due to Jupiter’s new transit through Gemini, a part of you may feel moodier or more introspective, because Jupiter in Gemini activates your sector of healing, closure, and spirituality. 

You’re noticing your attention shifting from a desire to be intimately connected with your friends, to a desire to pour more into yourself, protect your energy, and heal recurring wounds. Pace yourself, Cancer. Healing doesn’t happen overnight, and Jupiter in Gemini wants you to realize that healing can be an easeful process… It doesn’t have to be something that torments you. Spend time this week, particularly around the quarter moon in Pisces on the 30th, reflecting on how you can consciously choose to let go of the burdens you’ve held on to for months or years. Breath by breath, allow the weight you’re carrying to become lighter. 

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, sunnier days are ahead! Jupiter has entered Gemini, a sign that’s quite compatible with your energy, especially when it comes to opening yourself up to new friendships and learning to live in the present moment. That’s what you’re being asked to do over the course of the next 13 months. Be open to connecting with new people, new places, and new opportunities. The more flexible and adaptable you allow yourself to be, the brighter your light shines. 

Speaking of light, having your ruler the sun in Gemini is also helping you become a better friend to your own self, first and foremost. Take yourself on a mini shopping spree or self-care day sometime this week, or spend time writing down your goals for this season and finding ways to get started on them. Hyping yourself up and following through with passion and flair is the key to getting from dreaming to doing. 

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, an epic shift has occurred now that Jupiter has left your fellow earth sign of Taurus and entered Gemini for the next 13 months. Both you and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, so while this transit may initially feel a bit wild to you, your mercurial side will secretly love it, and in the next year you may start acting more Gemini-like. You’re being invited to let go of the tried and true path and say yes to the unknown and the unexpected. 

With Venus, the Planet of Love, spending its first full week in Gemini, you may surprise yourself with your ability to open yourself up to more than one lover, crush, or friend. You may even connect with new people at a work-related event, such as a team retreat or a networking party you’re invited to. Allow yourself to break out of your shell and see what pleasant surprises the cosmos has in store for you. Mercury’s presence in Taurus will help you remain grounded and discerning in the process. 

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, what if all your desires suddenly came true, with greater ease than you anticipated? This may very well occur this week — and the next 13 months to follow. Now that Jupiter has entered your fellow air sign of Gemini on the same day that your ruler Venus has also entered Gemini, you’re looking at the world from a more positive and expansive perspective, and the perceived problems you were grappling with just a few weeks ago suddenly won’t seem as heavy or insurmountable. 

On the 30th, the last quarter moon in Pisces encourages you to dream beyond your current circumstances, and focus on your mental health. Find therapeutic activities that will help you unwind and release the pressure you may have built up within you during the first five months of the year. Make a vow to enter June with a light and open heart, and align yourself with the people and vibrations that support that intention. 

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, you’ve been going through a chrysalis period for most of the year, as the south node’s presence in Libra is activating your sector of spirituality, healing, and shadow work, which means that even if on the outside everything appears to be chill and composed, internally you’re experiencing non-stop cycles of spiritual death and rebirth. This may feel like you’re under tremendous pressure — similarly to a caterpillar having a “WTF?!” moment as it morphs into a butterfly and grows its brilliant set of wings. Now that Jupiter is in Gemini for the next 13 months in your sector of outside resources, you’re being encouraged to spread your new set of wings, and soar. 

The best way to do so this week is by jotting down all the visions, dreams,
intentions, and desires you have for the coming year. Do not limit yourself, because having the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in Gemini is helping you break free from self-doubt and become open to receiving the double, triple, or quadruple portion of blessings. Once you’ve written down your goals, use this weekend’s quarter moon in Pisces to intuitively sense out which two goals from that list are your immediate and consistent priorities for the rest of 2024. By focusing on your top two missions, you’ll maximize your chances of reaching or surpassing your objectives. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, you’re coming alive again and it’s beautiful to see! The transition from having your ruler Jupiter in the fixed earth sign of Taurus to experiencing its energy in the mutable air sign of Gemini feels absolutely lovely to your free-spirited self. However, this week can also feel overwhelming since you’re still tuned into the fiery nature of last week’s full moon in your sign, combined with Mars’ presence in Aries. As much as you may want to rush out of the starting gates, you’re encouraged to pace yourself in this new era. Breathe, relax, and don’t rush into anything new just yet. 

Thursday’s quarter moon in Pisces can help you weed out clutter from your home and make room on a physical and metaphorical level for new people, experiences, and blessings to pour into your life in coming weeks and months. Be on the lookout for an auspicious convo with someone who sees you as the brilliant beam of light that you are, and who wants to pour into you, uplift you, and love you unapologetically. It’s what you deserve! 

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, this week is a lesson on trusting the process, even when you’re faced with life’s plot twists or unpredictabilities. With Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, no longer in an earth sign, you may be caught off guard by people suddenly switching up their behaviors and acting quite differently than you’re used to. You may not be able to control these changes, but you are in control of your reaction, so the more you can be malleable to the shifting situations, the less triggered you’ll feel by them. Having the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in Gemini is encouraging you to maintain an optimistic outlook on your health, your routines, and the way you show up to serve the world through the work that you do. 

This Thursday’s quarter moon in Pisces impels you to communicate with your loved ones more openly and vulnerably rather than expecting them to read your mind. If something’s been frustrating you lately, end the month by transparently laying it all out in the open instead of keeping things bottled up inside of you, as doing so will only lead to resentment. You’ll feel infinitely better once you compassionately yet honestly speak your truth. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, you can tell that life’s about to get more exciting and adventurous now that Jupiter’s in Gemini for the next 13 months. You vibe well with Gemini energy as you both share the element of air. You’ll particularly attract more romantic suitors under this influence, which could lead to you being the talk of the town, whether you’re single, mingling, or coupled. Just make sure not to lead people on this season, because you may get carried away by the flirtatious energy in the cosmos, which could lead to hurt feelings if you don’t set the right expectations. 

Then on Thursday, the quarter moon in Pisces occurs in your sector of money and self esteem. Pay attention to the dreams you’re having as the month comes to an end — your subconscious mind is sending you signs regarding ways you can boost your revenue streams through doing less, not more. 

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, now that your ruler Jupiter has entered Gemini for the next 13 months, you’re evolving into a new and improved version of yourself. This transit ignites your sector of roots and the home, which means that even though you’re in your ascension season, the key to your rise has to do with how much you’re rooted in your values and trusting yourself through life’s ups and downs. Spend time this week near people who make you feel emotionally and spiritually safe, and open up to them about where you’d like to place your energy during this auspicious Jupiter in Gemini transit — have them be your accountability buddies. 

This Thursday (which happens to be ruled by Jupiter), use the last quarter moon in your sign on the 30th to rest your mind from any strategy or planning, and simply embrace the power of the present moment. By ending the month of May with the spirit of peace and simplicity, you’ll allow waves of prosperity and protection to pour into your life, which sets you up for a phenomenal month of June. Get ready for your blessings to become even more evident than before! 

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