Who is Rasa Bagdonaviciute? Meet the Buying London agent

Who is Rasa Bagdonaviciute? Meet the Buying London agent

Buying London has quickly become our new obsession. Essentially the UK’s take on Selling Sunset, the series focuses on DDRE Global, an estate agency in London with a line-up of agents equally as glamorous as the insane properties featured on the show.

Daniel Daggers heads up the team of agents on the series, with a cast that features everyone from Made in Chelsea’s Rosi Walden to journalist Olivia Wayne. Also among the Buying London team members is Rasa Bagdonaviciute.

A sassy member of the team who Netflix say “never shies away from confrontation”, Rasa is “at the heart of the office politics” so naturally plays a key role in the new series, keeping the rest of the office on their toes.

So exactly who is Rasa Bagdonaviciute and what did she do before Buying London? Here’s everything to know.


Who is Buying London‘s Rasa Bagdonaviciute?

35-year-old Rasa Bagdonaviciute is an estate agent on Buying London‘s cast, having joined DDRE Global as a Prime Real Estate Advisor in 2022.

Prior to joining Daniel’s team, Rasa studied international law at university in Lithuania where she’s originally from, having graduated in 2011. In a previous Instagram post, Rasa also spoke on her experience enrolling in a real estate finance and economics course at London School of Economics, stating it had been “demanding” given that English isn’t her first language.

Bagdonaviciute added, “I’m navigating a critical period of personal and professional growth, aiming to catch up and hopefully lead in my field.”

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According to her LinkedIn profile, Rasa had several roles in customer relations as well as one other role in property before she came to DDRE Global.

Likewise, Rasa has appeared on TV before, with her starring in Channel 4’s 2023 Selling Super Houses, a competition show in which eight contestants participated in challenges to test their real estate know-how.

While she didn’t win, Rasa is back on the screen showcasing her real estate knowledge on Buying London.

Where is Rasa Bagdonaviciute from?

As above, Rasa is originally from Lithuania though now based in the UK.

The real estate agent has travelled and worked across the world, with her having a role in Dubai for a period.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute’s net worth

The Buying London cast member hasn’t spoken on her personal wealth, though on the series she’s a listing agent for multi-million pound homes, as well as having collaborations with several prominent brands on her Instagram, so take from that what you will!

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