Who is on the Ashley Madison hack list?

Who is on the Ashley Madison hack list?

Ashley Madison’s hack list exposed the personal information of approximately 37 million users when it was released in August 2015. Unmasking cheating spouses and breaking up relationships along the way, personal details revealed in the Ashley Madison data breach included email addresses, photos, messages, credit card details and even sexual fantasies. AKA, a lot of information you definitely don’t want out in the open.

The new Netflix documentary Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Scandal looks back on the data breach and huge scandal surrounding the site. While the team behind Ashley Madison had promised “complete discretion” to their customers, clearly they weren’t able to deliver on this front following the hack by The Impact Team.

Despite this, you may be surprised to learn that the site is still very much a thing today, with the infamous service boasting over 70 million users to date.

Intrigued? Here’s everything we know about the 2015 Ashley Madison list and who was on it.

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What is the Ashley Madison list?

The Ashley Madison data breach led to the details of 37 million users being released in three separate data dumps over August 2015.

Though information was initially released on the dark web, data quickly became readily accessible, with celebrities, public figures and non-famous account holders all being among thsoe exposed. It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to collate lists, with many sifting through the data to pull out the names of people they recognised.

Hackers also went on to specifically target the company’s CEO at the time, Noel Biderman. In addition to the Ashley Madison list, The Impact Team went on to post Biderman’s personal emails which appeared to revealed his own multiple affairs, sharply contradicting his prior claims of being in a monogamous marriage. He continues to deny any affairs in the Netflix show.

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