Who is Lauren Christy? Meet the Buying London real estate agent

Who is Lauren Christy? Meet the Buying London real estate agent

Buying London is finally here — and if you’re anything like us, you can’t help but have a morbid fascination with the people who sell off London’s most elite properties. After all, there’s something endlessly intriguing about the world of elite luxury real estate. After the huge success of Selling Sunset, the UK’s version of the reality show is finally here. Netflix’s Buying London gives us a glimpse inside the drama, chaos and glamour of some of the capital’s top real estate agents — it’s equal parts horrifying and addicting, and we are already utterly hooked.

If you’ve already binged the series, you probably have a few questions — namely, who are these people?? One of the most-discussed cast members of the new reality show is Lauren Christy, the uber-confident newcomer whose close friendship with DDRE boss Daniel Daggers often leads her colleagues to decry her position in the company as an example of favouritism.

So who is Lauren Christy, how did she get into real estate and how does she know Daniel Daggers?

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Who is Lauren Christy?

Like the rest of the cast of Buying London, Lauren Christy works at the luxury real estate agency DDRE.

Originally from South Africa, Lauren got a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing from the AAA School of Advertising in Guateng in 2011 before beginning her career as a Property Consultant in Cape Town in 2017. In 2021, she moved to London, where she worked as a Senior Lettings Negotiator at real estate agency Chestertons. She made the move to DDRE In October 2022.

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