Who is Jess White from Love Island? Meet the 2024 contestant

Who is Jess White from Love Island? Meet the 2024 contestant

Curious about Love Island’s Jess White? We’ve got you covered.

Love Island has returned and we are in for another summer of firepit chats and dramatic recouplings. After last night’s explosive first episode, we already have a lot of questions. Why is Joey Essex on the show? Where do the producers find all of these part-time football players? Are any of these couples actually happy with their pairings? Will any of these couples actually stay together?

Of course, we are also curious to learn as much as we can about each of the contestants. For instance, who is Jess White?


Who is Jess White?

Jess White, a 25-year-old retail manager from Stockport, is one of this year’s OG contestants. In her intro interview with ITV, she explained that she decided to apply for the show after most of her friends settled down.

“All my friends are in relationships, settled down with babies and I’m going to end up that aunt that rocks up at family parties and they say ‘she’s still not met someone, she’s still going to Ibiza having a midlife crisis,’” she said. “I just want to meet somebody and to be able to do all of that stuff too.”

She described herself as a “sassy girl” who could sometimes get a little too honest. “I’m quite bubbly and outgoing and I think I can make most people feel quite comfortable and that’s a nice thing to have in this day and age — to put people at ease and build a relationship that way,” she said.

She also admitted that she is still single because she is “hard work.” “When you’re a loud, outgoing woman, sometimes it can intimidate men — men don’t always want that,” she said.

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