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Which Married at First Sight UK 2023 couples are still together?

Which Married at First Sight UK 2023 couples are still together?


Though Jay and Luke started as one of the strongest MAFS UK couples, the pair were forced to leave the show early following an altercation Luke had with fellow groom Jordan.

Despite the early exist, Jay and Luke seemed like they wanted to still give things a go, with the pair even holidaying together. However, Luke explained that he felt as though distance and communication were too big blockers for the relationship, and during the final dinner party reunion episode we had the sad confirmation that the couple had since split, with Jay explaining to the other brides that Luke had deemed they were “better off as friends”.

During the reunion, they revealed they were strong after leaving the experiment and even went on holiday. However, Luke said things changed when Jay asked for more communication and said fundamentally the distance was the problem.

While Jay says she was expecting it, she expressed that while she had wanted to make things work, ultimately a relationship needs both people to put the effort in, while Luke said there wasn’t any more fight left and that he wouldn’t change for anyone.

Are Rozz and Thomas still together?

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Much to our dismay, no. Despite an uncomfortable wedding day, Rozz and Thomas’ relationship seemed to only be getting stronger, with the pair clearly committed to making their journey work.

Though ultimately it wasn’t meant to be, with Rozz having a change of heart and admitting she just wanted to be friends. After their homestays week, Rozz told Thomas “I feel like I’ve come home and my heart’s just not in it… it’s made me realise that this world I’m living and reality is totally different from the apartments.”

While the pair didn’t go the distance, they seen to be on good terms with one another, praising each other on social media, with Thomas telling the experts that Rozz is the “most wonderful” person he’s ever met and that he doesn’t want to lose their friendship.

Are Brad and Shona still together?

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