We tried the Hershesons Wavemaker and can assure you: it is about to blow your mind

We tried the Hershesons Wavemaker and can assure you: it is about to blow your mind

A bouncy wave is always going to be on trend. Between the GLAMOUR team, we’ve tried countless tools, and more specifically, hundreds of hair curlers. But the Hershesons Wavemaker is one is not like anything we’ve tried before. Sure, we’ve come across one or two auto-curl technology tools but none of them have felt quite as grown-up and futuristic.

For the uninitiated, London salon, Hershesons, are known for their effortless hair styling and A-list clients (who include Kiera Knightley, Sienna Miller, Emma Watson Dua Lipa and Claudia Schiffer), but in the past couple of years they’re tapping into the haircare and tools space.

Thanks to its innovative rolling barrel technology, the Wavemaker simplifies the process of creating waves and tousled texture, allowing you (in theory) to achieve your bouncy curls effortlessly. All you have to do is simply place your hair in between the barrel and let the tool do the rest of the work.

With a selection of three heat settings, this innovative tool provides customisable options to cater to various hair lengths, ensuring a personalised and effective styling experience. It also has a built-in cooling system that not only guarantees a lasting hold, but also prioritises safety. Sitting at £149.50 we needed to see how this tool performs on us, so five GLAMOUR staffers with different hair lengths put the Hershesons Wavemaker to the test. Here are our honest thoughts…

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Elle, GLAMOUR’s Beauty Editor

I love Hershesons salons for cool-girl hair and I love the products and tools for their innovation. This one, in true Hersheson’s style, is pushing the envelope with a format you’ve probably never seen before, and I’m here for it. My only problem is that I’m cack-handed at the best of times. I can only curl my hair if I tie it up in a ponytail and tong from there – that way I don’t have to wrestle with sectioning. And I’ve only recently sort of mastered curling my hair with a pair of straighteners. As with most new adoptions (see also: Dyson), it can take a while to get the hang of new stylers that don’t come as intuitively as familiar renditions. It definitely took me a good 15 minutes of playing before I got a curl that looked like the one in the tutorial from the QR code on the back of the booklet. After a further 30 minutes of experimenting, I’m still nowhere near a pro at it. Eventually I managed some messy waves, which in fairness is more my vibe than glossy uniform ones, but I reckon if I commit to learning I could crack tousled wavy hair in a couple of minutes each morning. Yes, unless you’re very co-ordinated it might take a moment to get used to, however I admire that Hersheson’s are adamant about pushing hair styling forward. We love to see it.

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