We Are Lady Parts season 2 cast, plot and how to watch it

We Are Lady Parts season 2 cast, plot and how to watch it

Our favourite all-female Muslim punk rock band is back — We Are Lady Parts is back with a second season on Channel 4 this week, and we could not be more excited.

Written, created, directed and executive produced by Nida Manzoor, the creative force behind last year’s Polite Society, the show follows Lady Parts, a punk band determined to find their footing in the British music scene.

The first season, which aired on Channel 4 back in 2021 was a major hit and a huge critical success. Now, three years later, the riotous, irreverent comedy is finally back — and we can’t wait to catch up with band.

Here’s everything we know about We Are Lady Parts season 2.


What is We Are Lady Parts season 2 about?

After the first season saw the girl band taking their music on the road, the second season is set to introduce a new problem — a rival girl band. Naturally, Amina (Anjana Vasan) finds herself in her “villain era” as a result.

As creator Nida Manzoor explained, the second season’s plot developed organically.

“I couldn’t possibly have arced it out for multiple series from the beginning as that wouldn’t have felt true to the anarchic and spontaneous spirit of the show,” she said. “Between series one and two I made a film, Polite Society, and got to grow as a filmmaker. When I came back, I had so many ideas because I’d had that time for them to percolate so breaking the story actually came very naturally. It felt organic and true to the characters. I was excited to delve deeper into each of the personal journeys and to explore different themes with each character.”

She also teased, “In series two, we see Amina battle between her old ways of people pleasing and her new desire to be her own person. We also explore Saira’s idea of success, and what it means to be creating art as a Muslim artist.”

We Are Lady Parts season 2 cast


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