Unsurprisingly, Rihanna wore this exact perfume to the Met Gala last night

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna wore this exact perfume to the Met Gala last night

Rihanna’s Met Gala 2023 (opens in new tab) arrival was, as usual, delayed. The singer, along with her partner A$AP Rocky, appear to have made being fashionably late their thing in recent years—but truthfully, as long as their looks deliver, we’ll continue to patiently wait (Em Rata’s new cropped fringe (opens in new tab) tided us over). And last night, they delivered. While the rest of the world is wrapped up in Met Gala fashion and style, as a beauty editor, my eyes are on Rihanna’s Met Gala beauty look.

Last night, her make-up centred around something she has become somewhat iconic for in recent years—a red lip. In fact, the red lip (opens in new tab) she wore to perform at this year’s Superbowl caused quite the commotion, with people rushing to buy the exact shade. This time around, you needn’t be quite so panicked about trying to find the details of Rihanna’s Met Gala beauty look—because I have every last detail for you right here.

(Image credit: Getty Images/Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor)

Before I get into the make-up, I was to discuss something very important, and that’s perfume. If you don’t already know, Rihanna has somewhat of a reputation for being one of the best smelling celebrities around. A-listers far and wide have, in the past, had something great to say about the way that Rihanna smells. And although she has been known to wear (and adore) Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy (opens in new tab), at last night’s Met Gala 2023, I have confirmation Rihanna opted for something more personal—her own fragrance, Fenty Eau de Parfum.

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