This striped high-street knit costs almost 90% less than the cult designer style loved by influencers

This striped high-street knit costs almost 90% less than the cult designer style loved by influencers

While many of us are still clinging onto the dregs of summer, you only have to glance up from your phone on your commute to spot at least one striped jumper.

That’s right, people, while the need yet for a coat and umbrella may still be up for debate, sweater weather has officially arrived. And there’s no denying the style of the season.

Whether of not you’re a huge follower of trends, most of us like to take a little peek at the very least. Predominantly it serves as wardrobe inspiration, and occasionally as light relief humour à la the viral gigantic MSCHF boots, there are very few of us who can resist the temptation of a fashion trend report.

But while butter yellows, moody blooms, peplums and the LBC were front and centre of this season’s runways, the humble striped sweater has been rising in the background and is ready to outrun its sartorial contemporaries to snag the title of autumn’s most popular trend.

Of course, as with most major trends, it is ubiquitous across all ends of the price spectrum from high-street to high-end. And while Toteme’s wool-blend turtleneck (below) has been the undeniable front-runner for over a year now, this year sees a high-street iteration giving it a run for its money.

Striped Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater in Beige/Black

Striped Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater in Black/Beige

GAP’s take on the striped turtleneck comes in a variety of colourways, and has a similarly fashion-forward colour-blocked panel covering the lower quarter of the piece, drawing the eye away from the area and lifting focus in the direction of the face.

Striped Turtleneck Jumper in Biscuit/Brown

With a soft biscuit/brown iteration sure to be the high street stalwart’s hit item of the season, GAP has also lined up (LINED up, get it?) a slightly different take on the look via a pair of navy and white sweaters.

Striped Turtleneck Jumper in White/Navy

Striped Turtleneck Jumper in Navy/White

With the stripes on these styles carried up throughout the piece and into the turtleneck itself, the overall aesthetic is a slightly more relaxed one, offering itself up as a true every day staple.

And at 90% of the price, an every day staple ends up being essentially free, cost-per-wear. Am I right, girl math?

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