This Marmite fashion trend is back — here’s how our editors are wearing it

This Marmite fashion trend is back — here’s how our editors are wearing it

It’s finally happening: Capri pants are back in the cultural conversation, and these are the best capri pants worth knowing about.

Like other controversial bottoms of the recent past — low-rise jeans, cargo pants, skinny jeans—they’ve spent a moment in fashion jail. But thanks to some A-list endorsements and a few standout runway shows, the pants trend is on the precipice of another golden age that could rival their ’60s, ’80s, and ’00s heydays. (The 20-year trend cycle wins again).

Named after the ever-chic Italian island of Capri, you’ll likely be familiar with the pedal pusher as the go-to trouser silhouette of OG style icons Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Later reignited by Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw, it was inevitable that we’d be revisiting the trend again sometime soon.

Audrey Hepburn

Sunset Boulevard

Carrie Bradshaw

Bill Davila

And while it may have caught some of you off-guard, there’s no denying that the style establishment is firmly pro-capri-pants right now with every runway from Coperni and Moschino to Supriya Lele, Chanel, Tory Burch and Salvatore Ferragamo adopting the look.

The Hadids, Bella and Gigi, have both recently stepped out in capris; the former chose black leggings, the latter stonewashed denim. Kendall Jenner is on board, too, sporting Alo’s ’90s-inspired cropped leggings, which you can buy below.

It’s really happening, and we’re not mad about it.

How to style capri pants

“But GLAMOUR,” you say, “didn’t we, as a society, decide that capris are too hard to style well?” We’ll give you that one — they’ve been out of commission for a minute because they’re hard to style right. But it can be done. The easiest way in is with a pair of slim black leggings or trousers; Emily Ratajkowski paired hers with an oversized blazer and sandals, while Bella Hadid went with a matching jacket and heels.

Style capri jeans as you would any other pair for a slightly dressy occasion; we love Gigi Hadid’s tank top and ballet flats situation, and we also suggest a white button-down and slingback heels. (Sneakers aren’t quite right here, so go with loafers, boots, or any of the styles mentioned above instead).

Wider capris, also known as culottes or gauchos, look great with slouchy sweaters, tight-fitting T-shirts, or trim blazers. The most important part of any great capri pants look, though, is confidence—wear them with the (rightful) attitude that you’re cool and ahead of the curve.

Best capri trousers

If you’re taking the trend to the office or a nice brunch, you’ll need a dressier pick. Zara’s Capri pants with vents are just cropped enough to enter capri territory, making them a great entry-level find.

Tighter gems from Anthropologie, Topshop at ASOS, and Mango hew more toward classic pedal pushers — they could almost pass for perfect vintage-store finds. Particularly in gingham and leopard print (the latter, a print that adorned SS24 runways including Nina Ricci, Celine and Dolce & Gabbana – as well as AW24 shows by Dior, Isabel Marant and Zimmermann).

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