This Kylie Cosmetics Kylash mascara is controversially getting mixed reviews. Which tribe are you in?

This Kylie Cosmetics Kylash mascara is controversially getting mixed reviews. Which tribe are you in?

Kylie Jenner may be the mother of lip kits but she’s just to tapped into unknown when she decided to launch the Kylash Volume Mascara. Like any good mascara launch, this one came out with its fair share of controversy.

If you’re not in living in celebrity gossip corner of TikTok you might not be familiar with Hailey-Selena Gate, and somewhere along the lines there is a deep-dive into how Kylie Jenner was mocking Selena Gomez’s brows, when all along it might have just have been promo for this very mascara. This is all fan theories of course.

Either way we’re here for the beauty goods, and this one promises an instant eye-opening effect that adds volume and lift to your lashes. This vegan and clean formula is supposed to offer exceptional performance without compromising on ingredients, with weightless fibres which are expertly designed to coat each lash without feeling heavy, flaking, or smudging. The result? Instant multidimensional definition that gives the appearance of having more lashes. Plus, that super-black colour adds depth, intensity and its weightless brush fibres give ultra-separation to your lashes throughout.

But it’s not just about the instant results. The Kylash Volume Mascara also adds length and holds curl, making sure your look lasts all day. The mascara features lash-loving actives like grapeseed oil and pro-vitamin B5 that work together to strengthen and protect your lashes with each wear. It’s packaged in a matte, velvety and luxurious feeling tube that looks as rich and expensive as Kylie Jenner herself.

Now controversy aside, this mascara really does sounds TF good, but how does it fair in real life. Here are five GLAMOUR staffer’s brutally honest thoughts.

The Product:

Kylie Cosmetics Kylash Volume Mascara

The Verdict:

Shei, GLAMOUR’s Beauty Writer

I came into this with no expectations. I know that Kylie Cosmetics have produced some great products in the past but I’m too much of a self-proclaimed mascara connoisseur to be easily impressed. On first impressions the packaging is beautiful. Slick, matte, with a bit of weight to make it feel expensive. The wand was pretty standard but I was keen to start layering the coats in.

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