This is the Christmas party outfit you should buy, according to your star sign

This is the Christmas party outfit you should buy, according to your star sign

Shopping for a Christmas party outfit brings with it a very specific kind of stress. Having to trawl through the shops in the run-up to the festive period requires the determination and rigid planning of an army sergeant, while working out where the delivery driver has left your online order calls for forensic-level investigation. And then, when you’ve searched and shopped and returned home with The Christmas Party Look, there are the endless doubts swirling around your head: Is it dressy enough? Will it survive being packed in a bag to take to the office without creasing? Is it a bit too much? (Never.) Will somebody else be wearing the same thing?

Whether you’re dressing up for a work event, family gathering or friendly get-together, it can be a lot, to say the least. And let’s not forget, ’tis the season to be partying – so, in order to spend a little less time fretting and a lot more time enjoying yourself, why not take some of the decision-making process out of your hands? When it comes to searching for this year’s Christmas party outfit, perhaps it’s time to let the stars guide your choice.

After all, there’s no better way to choose a look that screams ‘you’ than to be led by your star sign, which represents the core of who you are. “If you draw on your sun sign for ideas while picking a Christmas party outfit, it can make getting dressed up more fun and individual,” says Liz Roby, astrologer, mystic, yoga instructor and the founder of Astrologify. “Your sun sign says a lot about who you are at heart, including what styles you’re into. It shapes the way you show off your fashion sense. Wearing an outfit that aligns with your sun sign might even give you an extra boost of confidence, because it fits with who you truly are inside.”

Sounds good to us. According to Roby, “Every star sign has its own style vibe based on their traits. After all, pulling together the perfect seasonal ensemble goes beyond mere looks, tapping into deep personality layers for stellar astro-fashion alignment.”

Tailored style advice without having to step foot in a store? Sounds good to us. Here, Roby reveals the personality traits behind each star sign, to help you choose the Christmas party look that will make you stand out for all the right reasons…


20 March–19 April

“Aries folks are bold yet sometimes feel unsure of themselves. For the holiday bash, they might pick something classic but with punch – maybe a standout red dress or a sharp suit to turn heads while still feeling timeless.”

Mango Satin jacket with lapels and maxi-flower

& Other Stories Sleeveless Ruffled Midi Dress


20 April–20 May

“Taurus love comfy luxury but can be set in their ways. They’ll probably go for velvet or silk in warm colours, paired with eye-catching jewellery that feels plush yet easy-going.”

Cos Silk-Blend Velvet Blazer

H&M Tie-detail satin dress


21 May–20 June

“Geminis are quick-change artists who don’t like waiting around. Their ideal get-up would have lively coloirs and fun prints reflecting their bubbly spirit — think colour blocks and stripes mixed into one look.”

Christopher John Rogers Striped checked stretch-knit midi dress

Topshop cami embellished mini dress in multi


21 June–21 July

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