These were the beauty trends that dominated 2023

These were the beauty trends that dominated 2023

At the beginning of the year, we lined up the top experts to give us some foresight on what to expect from the 2023 beauty trends. They gave us a heads up on what to watch out for across makeup, hair, nails and skincare for the year, and do you know what? They were pretty much bang on.

These are the 2023 beauty trends that (as our experts predicted) took off over the past 12 months…



Side-partings made a remarkable comeback after they were ridiculed for being “cheugy” last year. Everyone (from Kim Kardashian, to Zendaya, Megan Fox and Laura Harrier, to name a few) is firmly back on board with modern spins that feel wearable. Nicole Petty, hair expert at Milk + Blush told us that, as with many other Y2K trends from the early 2000s, “the side-parting’s renaissance will be in full swing next year” – and she wasn’t wrong. Likewise, top hairstylist and Babyliss ambassador, Syd Hayes told us: “I see a deep side parting as power hair.”

From the look’s of things the style is staying put heading into 2024. Style it with “sleek straight glass-like hair and super shine,” says Syd, or “big curls and attitude. My key tools for these would have to be the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener for the sleek straight look and a BaByliss Tight Curls Wand for the big curls look.” There’s so many ways you can wear it, whether it’s tossed, mussy and slightly grungy, or glam and voluminous, or slick and sleek.

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Layers and face-framing

As with the year before, we still wanted the oomph, body and texture that a layered cut can give. “With the popularity of the bouncy blowout in the past year, face framing is set to be bigger still in 2023,” Laura Elliot, Head of Education at haircare professionals Salon Promotions told us at the start of this year. “Feathered looks, curtain bangs and long layering are all face framing cuts that are on the grow. Bounce and texture will be prominent next year, with a desire amongst clients for naturally healthy-looking locks.”

It makes senses then that the Curve Cut was one of GLAMOUR’s most-read hair trends this year. The style features some gentle chin, cheek and collarbone-framing action and lots of softer, curved “U” shaped layers.

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