These hanging egg chairs add instant pizazz to your garden

These hanging egg chairs add instant pizazz to your garden

Hanging egg chairs are more popular than ever in 2024. And, thanks to increasing demand, they’re more affordable, too. If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor space this summer, these cosy, cocoon-like seats are not only incredibly comfy but also add a stylish touch to your patio set-up.

When it comes to materials, rattan is a favourite for hanging egg chairs. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and has that natural look that fits right into any outdoor setting. Paired with a powder-coated steel frame, these chairs are weather-resistant and durable, ideal for outdoor use. Wicker rattan is another fantastic option, offering the same benefits with a bit more texture.

Comfort is key with these swing chairs. Look for designs with plush seat cushions that include a headrest and armrests to maximise your lounging experience. Some models even come with a foldable frame for easy storage, which is a huge bonus if you need to save space, or if you want in on the action from your balcony, because let’s face it, egg chairs can be cumbersome things. If you fancy snuggling up with someone special, a double egg chair or hammock-style lounger provides ample room for two.

Hanging egg chairs aren’t just for outdoor use. They make for an arresting statement piece indoors, too. Picture a teardrop-shaped pod chair in your living room, creating a cosy reading nook. Or a boho-inspired cocoon chair with chic grey cushions as the focal point of your conservatory or garden room, successfully blurring the boundaries between inside and out.

One of the best things about hanging egg chairs is their durability. Many are designed to be weatherproof and UV-resistant, so they stay looking fresh even after long exposure to the elements. This, of course, is essential for garden furniture that needs to withstand the British weather.

So whether you’re enhancing your garden, or adding a unique touch to your living room, a hanging egg chair is a versatile and stylish addition. With so many designs, and price points, and features to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to kick back and relax in style.

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The best hanging egg chairs – at a glance

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Foldable Hanging Egg Chair, Natural

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Malmo Double Garden Egg Chair

Why are hanging egg chairs so popular?

Hanging egg chairs have become a garden furniture staple, and it’s easy to see why. Their retro-inspired stylish design adds a modern touch to any space, inside or out. Super comfy with cocoon-like shaping and plush cushions, they’re perfect for lounging, reading, or indulgent midday naps. Made from sturdy materials like rattan and powder-coated steel, they can handle the elements, too. But best of all, they allow you to swing and sway gently in the summer breeze, and who doesn’t want a piece of that?

How do I install a hanging egg chair?

The latest hanging chair designs come with a sturdy and durable stand, which allows it to be swung without needing to be drilled into a ceiling or wall. Instead, once assembled, you can simply sit back and relax. It’s the fastest way to a fuss-free garden makeover.

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