These are the gifts that teen boys actually want

These are the gifts that teen boys actually want

As much as you love and understand the young people in your life, one fact remains certain: tracking down the best gifts for teen boys — and gift ideas for teens in general — is no easy task. As was the case when you were in your teen years, kids these days have their own language, interests, and culture. (Example: What the hell does “rizz” mean, and why do we keep hearing it?) We spoke to the teen boys in our lives to figure out what’s on their Christmas and birthday gifts wish lists right now — so you can get them something that might actually elicit a “major.”

The best gifts for teenage boys at a glance:

Teens and tweens change with the times, of course, but at a certain level, they all love a good DIY kit, game console or comfy hoodie, just like you did. And if you’re hoping to get a little more personal with your gift-giving, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel — just go with what you know they’re already interested in. Do you have a gamer in your house? LED string lights, a kickass headset, gaming gadgets, or a light-up keyboard are safe, grin-garnering holiday gifts. Know a star athlete? A sporty backpack or tech-friendly running gloves are some of the best stocking stuffers you’ll find. Supporting a fledgling social media star? Some threads from Abercrombie or a practical gift like a phone holder will do the trick.

The next time you’re in the market for the best gifts for teen boys, don’t go it alone; this gift guide is here to help. Oh, and plenty of these picks also make great gifts for teenage girls, not to mention gifts for men in general. There’s no age limit on a great watch or pair of shoes, after all. Stop scrolling through endless pages of Amazon search results — ‘cos from magnetic dart boards to mini-fridges and Harry Potter merch, these are the most unique gifts for teenage boys on the market (according to the guys themselves).

Ahead, the best gift ideas for teenage boys to add to your checkout.

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