There’s not a glazed finish in sight on Hailey Bieber’s latest manicure

There’s not a glazed finish in sight on Hailey Bieber’s latest manicure

Hailey Bieber is basically wearing springtime on her nails, but there’s not a glazed finish in sight. Though shimmery, frosted glazed donut nails are definitely her signature look — she wore them to announce her pregnancy, after all — the trendsetting star went in a completely different direction for a recent trip to Japan, and it couldn’t be cuter.

Hailey’s destination must have inspired her manicure, as Japan is famous for its gorgeous spring cherry blossoms, which bloom all throughout the season depending on the region. Her nails were filed into her favourite long, classic almond shape and painted with a sheer, milky ultra-pale pink, then painted with teeny tiny pink and white blooms, approximately three flowers per nail. (Scroll to the very end of her carousel to see the full look in all its floral glory.)

The manicure is clearly meaningful on a few levels. “Little cherry blossoms on my nails little cherry blossom in my belly,” the Rhode founder wrote in the caption. Aww!

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Hailey’s photo dump from her trip opens with a car selfie where she wears a cute strawberry sticker right near her hairline — leading her good pal Kendall Jenner to comment asking if Rhode is venturing into the world of zit stickers, given Bieber’s love of all things strawberry. (Remember “strawberry girl” summer?) That’s a TBD for now, but we do know that a Rhode blush is on the horizon, so you never know!

Hailey may be forever tied to the glazed manicure she helped make famous, but she’s also a big fan of nail art. Take, for example, her tortoiseshell design, a chic revival of a 2010s trend; and the mismatched, colourful, dots and swirls she wore to ring in summer 2023. It’s still technically spring, so if you’re looking for some seasonal nail art inspo, Hailey Bieber (as always!) has your back.

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