The Princess of Wales’s Vejas are the ultimate day-to-night shoes if you don’t do heels

The Princess of Wales’s Vejas are the ultimate day-to-night shoes if you don’t do heels

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton loves Veja trainers, having been seen wearing the sustainable brand for years.

While they make an obvious choice as a go-to to elevate a daily look, more recently we’ve been thinking that these are also kind of the perfect shoe for going out, with the golden detailing of her most recent pair making them an ideal option for those wanting to dress up a look without having to wear heels.

The Princess of Wales made the compelling case for Vejas to become our new staple shoe when she was seen out wearing her favourites at a mental health event organised by SportsAid in Berkshire recently.

With them, she wore a cobalt blue blazer, white t-shirt and blue ankle jeans by MOTHER (which are somehow still in stock – run!). While her outfit is simple enough to recreate, what truly pulls this look together are her trainers, with the subtle metallic V giving the whole look a unique twist.

Kate Middleton arriving at the mental health event organised by SportsAid.

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See the gold details for yourself. These fashion trainers make an easy day to night footwear option, particularly for those who want to elevate a look without the need to wear heels.

Detail of Kate Middleton’s Veja sneakers.

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Which model of the Veja brand are the Kate Middleton sneakers?

  • Model: Esplar leather white platine
  • Materials: Leather from Uruguayan farms in the upper and Amazon rubber (31%), sugar cane, recycled E.V.A.*, organic cotton, rice waste (22%) and recycled rubber (12%) in the insole and outsole. The laces are also made of recycled cotton.
  • Price: £120

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