The Gemini New Moon Is Here — Set Your Intentions & Manifest

The Gemini New Moon Is Here — Set Your Intentions & Manifest

Take note: The new moon in Gemini commences on June 6 at 8:37 a.m. ET. New moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle and offer us a fresh start. Since this lunation falls in the air sign of Gemini, we are aiming to communicate our thoughts — even though some may call them pipe dreams and fantasies — in an effort to be seen, heard, and understood by others. In short: We aren’t holding back. In fact, we are making sure that we are expanding our desires and soaring to new heights. 

The new moon links up with Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, and the nodes of destiny. With the BIG Gemini energy behind the lunation (there is a stellium of planets in the mix: the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter), we will buzz around, seeking information before diving into our plans. It’s best to ask those we trust for support and pointers on how to start. If we don’t utilize our resources and connections, we’ll figure things out through trial and error. However, we can avoid this step by seeking the opinion of someone with experience to get the feedback and motivation we need. 

The centaur Chiron in Aries offers a healing hand, allowing us to communicate our innermost sentiments. Talking matters out will give us the chance to mend wounds and trauma. Beyond that, we’ll be able to empathize with the plight of others and want to offer advice (even though it may be given without solicitation). Additionally, the asteroid Juno, currently in Virgo, squares the lunation, urging us to seek justice and fairness regarding relationships. Staying in our lanes is vital because people may not be ready or willing to hear what we say, so tread lightly when imparting counsel to others. Be sure to listen to people’s words because they’re trying to grant us their wisdom.

Rigel, one of the brightest fixed stars in the sky, which is found in the constellation of Orion, connects with the new moon. The giant blue star aims to provide abundance and luck. We can expect our desires and intentions to come to fruition quickly, opening doors and bringing success. 

According to the astrologer Arielle Guttman, two days before the new moon, the yearly alliance between the sun and Venus is known as Venus “cazimi” and Venus Star Point. This is a magical time to embrace our dreams. The energy is taking us back to 2020 since this is the second part of the vision the Venus Star Point began then. We are at the midpoint of the eight-year cycle of Venus, which means the universe is checking in to see if we are following through on the objectives we set out to attain in 2020. There could be changes to the concepts as we’ve grown. Embrace them! Gemini energy is mutable and fluid, always transcending and evolving.

Since Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, becomes enlightened by Jupiter on the 4th, the celestial energy will inspire us to do amazing things — all of which will contribute to the new moon.

The new moon in Gemini is a marvelous time to set intentions and to manifest. Opportunities will feel limitless because we are more willing to experiment and switch paths to embrace a new game plan. Our minds will be open, and we will want to attain our desires. With the cosmos on our side, it’ll be easier to lean into our goals, and they will be more accessible than ever. The only caveat is that Saturn might pause our timeline and urge us to spend more fuel discussing our aspirations with others to ensure that we are on the right track; however, this won’t stand in the way of using our inventiveness and ideas to create greatness. The advice or opinions of others will benefit us since they’ll show us the right ways to move forward.

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