The Brit Blowdry gives hair that’s ‘done’ but not ‘too done’

The Brit Blowdry gives hair that’s ‘done’ but not ‘too done’

We love a sky-high, voluminous blowdry as much as the next person, but they’re not exactly low key. For something a little more effortless, the Brit blowdry can offer a relaxed alternative for the days you want to dial it back a little.

Just as Parisian style has its own “insouciant” signature (see: French bob) and Italian style is known for glossy glamour, the Brits are known for a slightly grittier style, which translates across into hair trends, too.

What is a Brit Blowdry?

“The London look” (associated with the likes of Kate Moss) definitely taps into smudgier liner, mussed-up hair and a cba mood. The Brit Blowdry takes some of that attitude and combines it with the polish of a blowdry. It should look “like it’s been slept on and feel slightly undone and effortless, with subtle texture,” explains top celebrity hair stylist, Christian Wood, who counts Jodie Comer, Gemma Chan, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sophie Turner as clients.

How to do a Brit Blowdry?

The key is to not make it look too “done” or OTT voluminous. “I rely on old-school velcro rollers after the drying process,” explains Christian. “I begin by adding the roller to hair, spritzing with hair spray and then leaving for half an hour to cool,” he says. Once cooled, “take the rollers out and spray dry texture spray to keep volume, as well as achieve the desired end result,” he adds. The dry texture spray helps to add a little more grittiness to stop the style from feeling too prim.

How to wear a Brit Blowdry?

The style can work on all different hair cuts and lengths, we’ve seen it on bobs, shags, midis and long layers. Here’s some of our favourite ways to wear it below…

Collarbone Brit Blowdry

Jodie Comer’s collarbone-length blowdry gives plenty of volume and oomph, but it’s brushed out, with the volume falling lower and more casually below her ears.

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Bob Brit Blowdry

Jourdan Dunn’s dinky blowdry feels polished and relaxed in equal measure.

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